Sometimes your wardrobe makes a point to disappointing you. You have a dinner date tonight but have nothing jazzy to wear for the occasion. So turning out a basic attire into a fancy one is a tough task and you just wish that you had that magic wand to create a gorgeous gown for yourself. But what if I tell you that there are so super easy ways to revamp your dullish dress into a party one? So here are some expert ways to glam-up your any outfit.

1. Bright Lipstick
You can bring any dull dress to life just by putting on some lipstick, that too a bright one. A pop-coloured lipstick can add the go to your look.

boring outfit1Image Source: fullhdpictures

2. Fancy Belts
Fancy and skinny belts draw more attention to your tiny waistline, don’t worry even if you don’t have a tiny one. It will create an illusion of tiny waistline for those who see. Make sure that the colour of your belt goes well with your dress.

boring outfit2Image Source: bewakoof

3. Nude or Tan Shoes
Any outfit can be more lively and attractive by wearing nude or tan shoes. No matter how simple your outfits are, but your classy shoes will not only make you look taller but also add some spice to your look.

boring outfit3Image Source: amazonaws

4. Mid-Brown Accessories
Mid-brown is the shade which goes submissively with any colour. Just any colour! You don’t have to think even once about what you’re wearing. Just go with it!

boring outfit4Image Source: etsystatic

5. The Layers for Better!
Layering is one way to look stylish without putting much effort. Finish your dress by wearing a jacket, scarf or a cape to make it look swankier.

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6. Mismatch the Shoes
Yes, you read it right. We are asking you to wear the wrong shoes. We know that there are some specific shoes designated for each kind of dress. But to spice up your look, let’s draw some attention using wrong shoes. Try wearing ballerinas with an ethnic attire.

boring outfit6Image Source: wordpress

7. Big Sunglasses
I’m talking about the really big sunglasses. The windshield ones which will cover almost the half of your face. It will make your any outfit look glamorous.

boring outfit7Image Source: sandrascloset

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