With fall arriving very soon our entire lifestyle will be undergoing a complete change. From our food to wardrobe to makeup, everything will change keeping in mind the season. So why keep wearing the same nail paints? Here are some of the coolest nail trends that you must try this fall.

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1. Midnight navy- If you are thinking of going for a black nail paint then a deep navy colour would be a better choice. Apart from that, it is perfect for the fall since fall requires all things dark and vampy.

cool-nail-colours1Image Source: yelpcdn

2. Oxblood red- This is one shade which is an absolute must have in your fall nail paint collection. In fact, oxblood red is the colour that defines falls and is not just restricted to nail paints. Go all out with it and try to incorporate it into your wardrobe or makeup.

cool-nail-colours2Image Source: planetzuri

3. Plum- Plum or deep purple is another shade that has been a part of the fall makeup collection. Just like the other above mentioned ones this too is fiery and bold one and thus is suitable for fall.

cool-nail-colours3Image Source: planetzuri

4. Apple red- Red is never out of season as you can always incorporate this colour into your makeup routine all around the year. But for fall 2016, it is apple red which is going to make a mark in the makeup world. So if you think that the other fall colours are too dark for you and you need something subtler, then this one is for you.

cool-nail-colours4Image Source: blogspot

5. Rose gold- It is one of the newest and trendiest colours doing the rounds in the makeup world. There is something about this colour that everybody is going crazy over this one. After making a mark in the accessory and the jewellery market rose gold has made its way to the nail market as well. It is definitely as must have for fall 2016.

cool-nail-colours5Image Source: pinimg

6. Charcoal grey- Charcoal grey is the new black for the fall. Unlike black, charcoal grey has a lot more depth and character to it. If you are too tired of the plain old black or you think that black does not suit your personality, then charcoal grey is the colour for you.

cool-nail-colours6Image Source: thefancy

7. Chrome nails- Chromatic nail paints are so much in trend right now and they are here to stay for the fall as well. You can pick a chrome nail paint in your favourite colour as there are no limitations in terms of colour selection here.

cool-nail-colours7Image Source: ytimg

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