It doesn’t matter whether you use high-quality makeup remover or simply opt for the old method of using oil for getting rid of those layers from your face. If you are not doing it the right way, it would feel like you did nothing at all. The incorrect methods even leave your skin worse than it was before putting the makeup on.

So, it is important that you know the Do’s & Don’ts of applying makeup, for a perfect and flawless skin, even after removing your makeup. It’s okay to make mistakes, but repeating them will only result in damaging your skin, and you cannot do that to your precious skin, can you ladies!

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Here are 8 things that you must always keep in mind when you are removing your makeup.

1. Using Makeup Wipes Only
Many of us are in habit of using those convenient and easily available makeup wipes to remove our makeup at the end of the day. But what you might be missing is that they remove only the upper layer of makeup from your skin. They can be used as a first step in the makeup removal process.

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2. Giving Your Eyes Insufficient Time
Eye makeup is the most difficult one to remove. The best way to remove eye makeup is to use soaked cotton pads in makeup remover or olive oil and keeping them on your eyes for at least 2-3 minutes. It is only after this that you will be able to get clean and clear eyelids and undereye area.

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3. Leaving Open Hair
You might probably be thinking that this is of no use, but trust us, tying your hair will give you a better and cleaner skin. The hair also gets in the way many times while getting the makeup off, but tying them will expose the areas where you applied your makeup to cover all the visible skin.

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4. Cleaning Your Lips At Last
Lips should be the first thing that you clean while you start removing your makeup. Especially if you are a dark share lipstick lover, it is important for you to begin with your lips and then moving ahead with the rest of your face.

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5. Never Start With Removing Eye Makeup First
This is the most common mistake that most of us ladies do, removing the eye makeup first. Instead, begin with your lips and then moving towards the rest of the face area like cheeks and chins and forehead. While cleaning the forehead, you can keep those cotton pads on your eyes to soak the makeup till then.

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6. Avoid Rubbing The Cleaning Wipes Or Pads
Your face skin is the most delicate as compared to the rest of your body. So, it’s important that we treat it delicately, otherwise, the skin may damage, and lead to pimples or pigmentation after a while. When using wipes or cotton pads while removing makeup, use them gently on your face rather than rubbing it against your delicate skin.

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7. Always End It With Washing Your Face
Washing your face with water is the last step that you must always follow while removing makeup. If possible, try to keep a hot towel on your face for a few minutes, as it will open the pores that are clogging due to the remaining dirt and makeup.

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