Diwali is just around the corner. Have you finalized what you’re going to wear on the eve? Not yet? No need to fuss about it. What about wearing something different this Diwali than your same old Salwar Suit?

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So, if you need some ethnic inspiration, you’ve landed in the right place. This list post comprises of the best of the Ethnic Fashion Trends of 2016 that managed to make headlines. You can look strikingly different this Diwali party and all the eyes will be set on you. What are you waiting for? Scroll down and pick the best dress for yourself.

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1. Cigarette Pants & Long Jacket
If you have a tall structure, then there is no other ethnic dress which can complement your figure. The heavily embroidered kurta cum jacket with a plain or equally embroidered cigarette pants is easy to carry and look chicer than other ethnic attires.

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2. Heavy Skirt & Crop Top
This is the ‘Zara Hatke’ fashion trend which sparked off when Shraddha Kapoor wore Padmasitaa embroidered skirt with a crop top for her friend’s engagement party. This fashion trend is comfortable yet elegant. For those who don’t want the hassles of carrying a 10 Kg lehenga, this fashion trend is a much-awaited resort. You can wear an embroidered or printed skirt with a crop top at your office Diwali Party. Perhaps, if there’s no dress code!

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3. Churidar & Floor Length Kurta
Knee-length Kurtas and a Churidar is the thing of the past. Girls with a tall structure like Deepika Padukone can pull off this dress easily. But my cute short girls, no need to get disheartened. You can pick the elongated pattern kurtas. Flowy kurtas will also go well with your physique.

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4. The Good Old Lehenga Choli
If you’re too shy to experiment on your look, you can wear the same old Lehenga Choli. These days, even the Lehenga Cholis are glammed up for good. No need to wear the heavily embellished Lehenga Choli for the Diwali Party. You have some other graceful alternatives as well. Have a look…

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5. Dhoti Style Kurti
Alia Bhatt sparked this fashion trend when she wore white coloured dhoti styled kurta for Garba night. Another reason why we loved Alia’s outfit was the fact that she was entirely comfortable in that off-beat dress. Confidence beats ‘em all!

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6. Half n Half Saree
For the Saree folks, as well, we have chic options. You can look like a fashionista even in a 6-yard piece of cloth. Saree has revolutionized a lot since past few years. Half n Half saree is a fruit of that revolution. Simple saree with different coloured Pallu and lots of oomph! That’s all you need to be a showstopper.

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7. Kurti & Palazzos
The craze for Palazzos isn’t going down anytime soon. There is a wide variety of Palazzos to choose from. Different colours, patterns and fabric as well. Rock a silk kurta with a flowy palazzo to make a statement this festive season.

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