Dressing up according to your body type is what real fashion is. Sometimes, we feel good to break the rules and try some experiments on ourselves, but this sometimes should be sometimes only! Here are the fashion trends which are good, but the short girls should refrain from them.

1. Oversized Jeans
Believe me, they will do no good for those having a petite frame. They will just make you a little baggier and shorter than you are. You can go for the structured boyfriend jeans with nude heels and tight fitted tops.

Fashion Trends for short girls1Image Source: blogspot

2. Tunics
Tunics are basically things which are up to the length of hips and are a bit loose from the sides. Tunics are a just no-no for short girls. Pick up those tunics that end a little below the hips and wear them with the jeggings.

Fashion Trends for short girls2Image Source: trend4girls

3. Round Toe Heels
Your feet are tiny, and these heels will make them look tinier. You will look like a haggard mess with these shoes. Wear the pointed toe shoes which will compliment your look better.

SAMSUNGImage Source: wordpress

4. Oversized Layers
Do you want to be drowned into your petite frame? No, isn’t it? Then go for oversized t-shirts and wear them with skinny jeans to create an illusion of long legs.

Fashion Trends for short girls4Image Source: com

5. Shirt Dress
Yes, those loose shirt dresses look pretty cool. But you should adore them from a distance only. They will further shorten your frame. Wear the shirt dress which ends above your knees. And wear a belt to highlight your waist.

Fashion Trends for short girls5Image Source: blogspot

6. Oversized Bags
Do you carry a bag larger than your own self? Then stop doing this at once! Oversized bags will only cover up your already short frame. Pick up those medium sized bags which compliment your body type perfectly.

Fashion Trends for short girls6Image Source: ashemag

7. Mid-Length Skirts
They have this thing in them to make the legs look shorter. If you want to wear skirts, go for the shorter versions. Stay away from the skirts which end below your knees.

Fashion Trends for short girls7Image Source: blogspot

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