Love has no definition. True it is. It can’t be confined in a cage of words. But yeah, there are many forms for expressing it, though. One of which is-flirting. This is an art which can’t be taught. You must have flirted with at least one person ever in your life. But if you haven’t, then let us tell you some kinky flirting games which can bring back the novelty in your love. But wait, you have to play these games with your partner only, otherwise the results won’t be favourable.

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But let me just tell you, that is has been proven that flirting is important for keeping the excitement in love alive. The games which we are going to tell you, can be played at any place. Try these games with your partner and rekindle the spark in your relationship.

1. Play with your hair
Admit it, we all have done this at least once in a lifetime in front of a guy to woo him. Didn’t we? Nothing to be shy about that. You can play with his hair while talking to him. Our scalp have millions of nerve ending. It can excite him and what’ll happen afterward is what you’ll thank us for.

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2. Say it with your eyes
Eyes are the windows to your soul. You can express your heart felt love to him without even having to say anything. You can turn him on with naughty gestures with your eyes. You can woo him at any place, be it your home or a public place.

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3. Role Playing Game
This is an interesting game which can blow away the dust of boredom from your relationship. You can play a nurse, neighbour, boss’s wife, etc. to your boyfriend. This depends on your where to end this game, in the kitchen or the bedroom. This game will make your love making sessions even more adventurous.

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4. Dirty Talks
In this game you have to keep your angelic side in your closet for a while. Be his naughty girlfriend for the time been. You have to lead the way this time. Switch off the lights or blindfold him and talk dirty into his ears. Kiss him on his neck while saying things in his ears. Ask him about his fantasies.

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5. Touch him at his erogenous zones
Every man have his own weaknesses. Touch his secretively between his thighs or run your fingers on his neck. Your sudden touches will enthral him beyond limits. This game will bring you both together, not only physically but also emotionally.

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6. Be the blind girl
Ask him to blindfold you and do anything he wants to. Let his fantasy run free for a while. Ask him to touch you at places. But you have to be a little patient while playing this game.

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7. Let your smile steal his heart again
Smile bashfully in front of him like you used to do before you came together. Men are often turned on by bashfulness of girls. Don’t let him come close easily. Play the high school girl in front of him.

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