If you are bought up in a traditional Hindu household then, you must have witnessed your mother or grandmother blowing a conch shell at the starting of puja or on the auspicious occasions. It is believed that blowing a conch helps in warding off the evil spirits and spreads positive vibes. While many of you are aware of the mystic significance of blowing a conch but do you guys know the various health benefits of doing so? Well, to give you a clear picture, we have listed some health benefits of blowing a conch shell.

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1. Destroys germs

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It is believed that the sound emerging from the conch helps in sanitizing the nearby environment from various types of germs and harmful insects like mosquitoes. Thus, reducing the chances of getting affected by the infections.

2. Glowing skin

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Blowing a conch shell daily acts as a great exercise for your facial muscles which later helps in reducing fine lines to a great extent. And to get a flawless skin, fill the conch shell with water and leave it overnight. Next morning, massage your face with the same water that you stored in the conch. Regular use of this water for a month can help you get visible results.

3. Strengthens your rectal muscles

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Well, you can consider blowing conch as a type of yoga because it puts pressure on the various parts of the body which not only strengthens your muscles but also reduces the risk of various ailments. Besides this, it also strengthens your rectal muscles and reduces the risk of rectal cancer.

4. Treats depression

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As most of us know, the sound emitted from the conch has a positive energy that can help in relieving tension and spreads peace in the immediate surroundings. Well, you will be surprised to know that this trick can also help you ease depression.

5. Reduces stammering issues

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Blowing a conch is an exercise which is also good for your vocal cords and thyroid glands. And for this reason, it is considered as the best natural remedy to treat speech issues, including the stammering problem.

6. Prevents grey hair

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Well, you can’t directly link this to blowing of conch but, you will be surprised to know that it can help in treating grey hair. You just need to fill the conch shell with rose water and store it overnight. Next morning, use the same for washing your mane. Regular use of this remedy can help you overcome grey hair problem.

7. Reduces prostate enlargement issues

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It is believed that blowing a conch puts pressure on the prostate area in a healthy way which improves its health and reduces the risk of prostate enlargement.

So, these were the few health benefits of blowing a conch.

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