The time we grew up was something different and the music during that time was something else. Till now, we miss that kind of compositions. And when we talk about the idea of romance and love, it was much simpler during that time and so was the music which explained it. So, here I’m sharing with you guys some Hindi songs that defined love when we grew up.

1. O Humdum Suniyo Re

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And I’m sure you will be singing it right now.

2. Maaeri

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This song will touch the chords of your heart.

3. Aankhon Mein

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There is no better song that can define the feeling of a daydreamer.

4. Tu Aashiqui Hai

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Teri chaahat zindagi hai
Tu mohabbat tu aashiqui hai tu aashiqui hai

5. Piya Basanti Re

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This one is definitely a song that gives everyone FEELS

6. Tanha Dil

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We can still feel the pain in Shaan’s voice.

7. Kya Surat Hai

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Baby no one so sexy
In the whole galaxy
You make my heart go beating harder

So, these were the few Hindi songs that defined love in the simplest way.

Cloth Beauty