Har Ek Friend Zaroori Hoti Hai! How true! Isn’t it? There are many sides to the utility of a single friend. From being a shoulder to lean to being a complete freak that makes us wanna kill them. The only term that defines our relationship with our friends is- Love-Hate. We love them and hate them at the same time. We love them, but they drive us crazy at times. Now when you’ve already started missing your friends, have a look at some hilariously annoying things that our friends do to annoy us.

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1. When they insult us in public…
Our evil little friends are sometimes in a complete mood to embarrass us in public. They have to come up with a wild story of your childhood especially when you’re talking to that person you really like. And even the trinity can’t stop them from calling our weird nicknames in front of complete strangers.

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2. They say they are not hungry and then they pounce on the food you ordered!!
That totally evil of them. Food is the only thing you love. And they try to snatch it away from you. We hate sharing food but these cruel little minions just don’t get it.

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3. They can’t stop giving us ‘Sly’ smile whenever our crush is around
This one really lands up in a trouble. They try to play cupid but they end up messing things around. But we still love them, isn’t it?

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4. They can’t keep their mouth shut a movie!
Especially, when they’ve seen the movie before, they can’t keep themselves from telling the stories. Keep your friends out for some time when you’re thinking about watching a new movie.

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5. When they ask you to call them up urgently.
And what the urgent talk is? Their cat hasn’t eaten since afternoon! You want to punch them in their face, but you end up having an hour-long conversation with them.

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6. When they try to be friendly with a person you hate the most!
This is the worst kind of betrayal. Et tu Brute? How could your friends do this to you? Hanging around the people you hate is sheer cheating. Oh, but wait, you can some interesting secrets about your enemy!

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7. When they pester us for a party…
Party for every single thing happened to you. You pooped in the morning, so you have to treat those forever-hungry people. Your phone got stolen? Throw us a party!

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