Times have changed. A bride is no longer coming shyly with baby steps, dressed in all crimson. The modern Indian bride is making an entry on a scooter with her brand-new aviators on. Yes, that actually happened. See, times have changed! Likewise, the food trends at the weddings are also changing. The visible metamorphosis can be seen at almost every Indian wedding now. The cuisine at a wedding is more insightful of the bride and groom’s persona. Each and every wedding pandal is now spurting out varieties of flavour and aroma. Let’s check out the latest food trends at Indian Weddings.

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1. Smaller Niche Cuisine
Gone are the days when weddings used to have the same old Dal Makhani, Kadhai Paneer and Butter Naan as the main course. These days, attempts are being made to provide more variety with lesser portions. You can now enjoy a larger variety of meals with smaller portion sizes. There’s something for everyone out there.

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2. International Cuisine
As the wanderlust among the millennials has shot up, people are now looking for something international for their taste buds. Thai Salad, Mexican dishes and Spanish Desserts are no longer a novelty at weddings.

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3. Indian Regional Cuisine

Daal-Baati can be enjoyed at a wedding as well. Regional cuisines are finding a way into the traditional Indian weddings. Kolkata Street ‘Jhalmuri’, Bombay Chaat, Rajasthani ‘Daal-Baati’ and Hyderabadi ‘Biryani’ are the stalls where most of the guests are flocked.

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4. Concept Buffet
The concept of buffet and brunches are making a way for Indian weddings. The menu for brunch has been transformed into diverse options like tacos, wraps, scramble eggs, pasta and desserts. Even the ethnic food is included in the menu.

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5. Celebrity Chefs
Big fat Indian weddings are now featuring celebrity chefs as well. The mere mention of their name tempts the guests to rush to the eateries. Celebrity Chefs like Peter Callahan are also deployed to create a customized menu. The chef along with his team produces a fool-proof food and drinks menu for the guests.

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6. Health-Friendly Food
Apart from the mouth-watering fast foods and desserts counters, there are many counters serving food good for our health. Jaljeera, coconut water, digestive salts, etc. are some of the examples.

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7. Desserts
Desserts menu is now more diverse. The dessert is not limited to only one dish. There are several options in desserts as well. There is a separate dessert bar where the traditional, as well as international sweets, are served.

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