Hair fall is an extremely traumatic experience for every woman in the world, and at least 90% are sick and tired of experimenting with different methods or remedies to follow, and changing brand after brand for their hair products.

Every single strand that is lost makes your heart skip a beat, increasing the fear of getting bald and ugly. But did you know, as per the scientists, losing around 100 hair strands in a day is considered normal, nothing to fear about! The problem starts when your hair fall increases from this range.

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So, it is suggested that instead of changing your products or remedies, change your routine lifestyle to reduce your hair fall within a few days of time. Here are 7 lifestyle changes that will leave you with healthy and beautiful hair.

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It is essential that you know your scalp type first. Then pick a shampoo suitable for your scalp. Washing your scalp properly is important, like if you have dry scalp then avoid using shampoo too many time in a week or if you have oily scalp then wash your scalp at least 3 times a week to get the dirt and excess oil off.

Before choosing your shampoo, look for its ingredients. Avoid shampoos which contain silicone, paraben and sulfate. These makes your hair more prone to hair fall.

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Conditioning is extremely necessary for your hair. It helps keep the moisture locked in and keeps your hair healthy & bouncy for a longer period. The presence of amino acids in the conditioners makes them valuable for your hair, making them smoother and damaging the repair.

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Eating right is the first step towards a healthy body, skin and hair! No matter what you are using to improve your hair or to stop the hair fall, if you don’t eat the right things at the right time, then nothing is worth spending your money on.

Workout circulates the blood in your body which helps your hair to grow stronger and healthier, so along with the correct diet, try to work out for some time, for the sake of your skin and hair.

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It’s good to be fashion forward, but avoiding your hair while doing so is not correct at all! Taking good care of your hair is as much important as you care about experimenting with your hair. Coloring, dyeing, rebounding, perming and what not do you do to look good. Bombarding your hair with all the harsh chemicals, making them weak and vulnerable.

Also, using a blow dryer on your hair damages your hair the most, making them prone to hair fall. If you are in dire need of blow drying your hair, then keep the heat on the lowest point and use it for a lesser time.

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Consider this an ancient remedy, used for getting amazing long and strong hair! Oiling, as we all know, improves the blood circulation in your scalp that promotes the hair growth and reduces the hair fall up to a great extent.

Massage your scalp at least twice or thrice in a week, that will reduce the hair fall and promote good growth of your hair, making them stronger and healthier.

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The tips of your hair are where your hair gets the most damaged from causing split-ends to appear. So, trimming helps your hair to breathe properly and provides better nourishment while washing them or oiling them. Regular trimming also helps you get long and luscious hair.

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Stress is the main cause of many diseases, and in this case, hair loss. Try avoiding stress at any cost, as it disrupts the hair growth and makes them weak from your scalp.

You can do meditation or yoga to reduce stress, which will also help getting an amazing skin and hair as well.

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