Winter will be here anytime soon. In fact, the winter woes have already knocked our doors. Patchy skin, dull skin, cracked lips, etc. are just a quick glimpse of problems we face during winters. Thus, why don’t we keep our dressers winter-ready already? Here are some skincare essentials we all need for our winters to pass smoothly.

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So, grab your notebook and prepare your skincare shopping list with us…

1. Chapstick
Chapped lips are a common affair in winters. No matter how you moisturize your lips, they always end up into painful and ugly looking cracks. Tinted lip balms won’t be of any use in case of severe chapping. Use a medicated Chapstick instead. They are worth the splurge.

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2. Intense Moisturizing Lotion
During the winters, our skin needs utmost hydration. Our regular body lotions fail to work on our severely dehydrated skin. There are some body lotions which are specially formulated for harsh winter climate.

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3. Body Oil
During winters, our skin needs something special. Only a moisturizer won’t work. After having bath, smearing some body oil will add extra moisture to your skin. Choose a body oil per your skin type.

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4. Body Butter
Winter makes our skin dry and itchy. If you already have dry skin, then winters can give your nightmares. Load up some emollient body butter on your skin to prevent the dryness and flakiness of your skin. The body butters rich in cocoa butter and shea butter can deeply nourish your skin.

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5. Facial Oil
Most of us just overlook the importance of facial oil for our skin. Facial oil hydrates and repairs your skin below your moisturizer. You can add a few drops of facial oil in your foundation or can use the facial oil as a night cream to repair your skin overnight.

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6. Body Mist
You need to be smelling good even during the winters. Don’t undermine the importance of body mist during the winters. The only difference being that the mist should be mildly fragrant. Pick up the warm scents like vanilla and pumpkin spice.

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7. Deep Conditioning Hair Mask
Your hair needs extra attention as well. Dandruff and dryness are some common problems girls face during winters. So, pamper your locks with a deep conditioning hair mask once a week for a beautiful and shiny mane.

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