It is very truly said that if you want to have a first-hand opinion about the personality of a guy… look at his shoes; and for a girl… look at her nails. Clean and properly manicured nails look beautiful and boosts a girl’s confidence too. Trust me, there’s nothing worse than getting a bad dent on your newly painted-manicured nails if we do some work just after applying a nail paint. Hence, nail extensions are practically safe and classy, and budget-friendly.

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Yes, this article is all about your lovely nails and how nail enhancements can help you sort out your worries for keeping your nails from breaking. We understand that it’s not possible to go for regular manicures, so opt for this option and find it totally worth it:

1. They are also called as French Extensions or artificial nails which aren’t a replacement but just an extension to your natural nails. The extensions are a light weighted plates made of plastic which is attached to your nails to make them look bigger.

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2. There are two different approaches for creating nail extensions: Tips and Forms. The “Tips” are of the shape of a nail which is stuck to the nail ends and then acrylic is applied on the overall nails to fix it. “Forms” are pasted on the full nail and are properly shaped to fix it properly.

3. You can choose an extension from a wide range of nail extensions available in the market. Different shapes and sizes can be seen for the nail enhancements as per your requirements. So, you can make your short nails look bigger with the help of the nail extensions.

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4. One of the myth about using nail extensions is that they may look artificial. But as the matter of fact, the nail extension looks perfectly natural because it takes the entire shape of your natural nails and doesn’t make it look artificial at all. Your nails will have the natural grace and can be easily protected.

5. There are three broad categories of nail extensions, acrylic, fiberglass and gel extensions. All of them are quick and easy ways and doesn’t cost much. They act as a false layer over your nails and gives a glossy look.

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6. You may also worry about the durability of these nail extensions. Actually, they are very strong and doesn’t come out easily. In fact, it takes around 30 minutes to remove the extensions. So, you can be easily ensured about the strength of it.

7. The nail extension won’t cost you a load of money. So be ensured about this thing that your hard earned money would go to a waste because it’s well within the range of about a 1000 bucks and are available in a lot of outlets too.

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Here are some of the best nail salons which you can find across the Delhi- NCR region:

1. Monsoon Salon: One of the largest beauty chains in the Delhi Gurgaon region, the Monsoon Salon is an upbeat and classy choice for ladies. The Nail Bar in this salon offers wide range of services to pamper your nails in the best possible ways by the best artists.

2. The Nail Shop: Located in Noida Sector 18, The Nail Shop is a classic nail salon for the beautification of your nails with over 1000 choices to select from. You can select whichever design matches to your dress or any specific colour, and they’ll get it done for you.

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3. Nail Extension File and Style: It is conveniently located near the Preet Vihar metro station and one of the most sought after choice in the East Delhi for nail care.

4. Claw: Claw is a superb nail studio located in the Greater Kailash. They offer wide services just for your nails so that you feel pampered and look trendy. In fact, they are very much appreciated by their clients and are very well-known in the whole Delhi region.

5. Rhapsody Nail Studio: In the busy streets of Kirti Nagar, you can find this amazing nail studio which is quite famous for its nail extensions. It is also awarded for its superb services for nails.

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6. Nail Denizer And Make Up Studio: Established recently in Rohini Sector 9, this studio offers great service for treating your nails and giving you a great satisfaction.

7. Simar’s Nail Bar: One of the most popular choices for the nail art crazy girls, Simar’s Nail Bar is located on the first floor of the Select City Walk, Saket. They provide awesome experience and have many satisfied customers who go to them regularly.

So girls, it’s time to pamper your nails in the best possible ways and look like a chic in this wedding season!

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