Does seeing countless hair strands in your hair brush everyday make you feel worried? Well, it’s nothing to worry about girls, there’s a solution to everything. And these problems of thin hair or hair fall can be resolved only with a few tips and tricks.
Losing 100 strands of hair every day is common and natural as well, you can neither stop it or control it. But watching your hair grow thinner and weaker every day, and excessive hair fall makes you think if you might be going bald soon.
Your shiny locks need extra care and nourishment, if you wish to protect them, and add more volume to your hair. You can follow these simple tips to get those voluminous hairs you have been drooling over watching others, since a long time.

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Simply follow these tips to add volume to your hair naturally, without causing any further damage.

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1. Nourish With Aloe Vera Gel
Aloe Vera gel has one but many uses for skin and hair, helping them improve the texture and add moisture & nourishment to them both. It is greatly used for reducing the hair fall in many herbal remedies. All you need to do is apply Aloe Vera Gel directly onto your scalp and let it sit for one hour at least. Then wash off with a mild shampoo.

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2. Avoid Shampooing Your Hair Daily
Shampooing your hair every day might be the reason behind your hair fall ladies! It can be helpful to wash your hair daily, only if you have an excessively oily scalp, and the need to clean it every day is essential. If you have thin or frizzy hair, with dry scalp, then it is better that you wash your hair thrice a week only, or else you will keep them damaging further with daily hair wash.
To absorb the excess oil in your scalp, you can use talcum powder, while you are not shampooing your hair. Also, avoid excess use, or it will harm your hair quality. Also, don’t forget to condition your hair right after each wash.

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3. Include Amla In Your Daily Diet
Amla has always been used as a natural good old remedy to improve the quality of hair in various ways. So, including amla in your daily diet, will not only add nutrition but will also give you amazingly healthy and voluminous hair. Also, if you consume one amla everyday on an empty stomach, then the results will amaze you within a few days of eating.

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4. Oil Massage
Massaging your scalp is always good for your hair. It improves the blood circulation and promotes the hair growth, making them well-nourished and healthier roots. It is best to use coconut or jojoba oil for massaging your scalp, but you can also rosemary oil to clear dandruff in your scalp. Also, wrap a warm towel around your hair, every time you massage your hair with oil, as it will provide extra conditioning that your hair desperately needs.

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5. Avoid Using Chemicals
Styling for a perfect look for every occasion is important, but that doesn’t mean you can keep them damaging! Try to avoid using chemicals on your luscious hair, or else you might end up will irreversible damage, leaving them dull and dry.

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6. Avoid Stress
Stress has been noticed to be the main reason for hair loss in many cases, leading to thinning and greying of hair. But you can simply avoid stress by meditating and yoga, which will help you boost your blood regulation in your scalp.

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7. Consume A Well-Balanced Diet
A well-balanced diet is essential for a healthy body, skin and hair. Includes lots of minerals and vitamins in your daily diet, which will promote your hair growth and help your hair stay well-nourished. Also, drink plenty of water to stay and keep your hair hydrated.

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