Who doesn’t like to wake up in the morning very fresh and having a baby skin? We all want to look flawless every time, be it a morning or night. While we are busy in our sleep, our body is still running and busy to metabolize the system. Not only that, our body is also rejuvenating, revamping and re-energizing the entire system to gear-up for a new tomorrow.

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So instead of just hitting the bed after a hectic day, why not take out some time and help our body to repair well. Here are few beauty tips which you can follow to wake-up pretty as a cute princess:

1. Protect Wrinkles: The anti-aging or anti-wrinkle night creams are very common these days. But, if you use a sleeping mask instead of a cream, that will boost the effectiveness of your beauty sleep. Just apply the sleeping mask for the whole night after moisturizing your skin and you will see amazing results on the next morning. This will keep your skin hydrated and clean.

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2. Happy Feet: There are many people irritated by seeing their cracked and calloused feet. Don’t worry, because we have a simple and cool remedy for you. Slather any thick moisturizing cream or a Vaseline on your feet before you doze off. The moisturizer will go deep inside your feet skin and can repair your feet perfectly.

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3. Avoid Hair Fizziness: DO you fear that your hair is damaging each day? Well, you aren’t wrong because a lot of friction between your hair and pillow can lead to some amount of frizziness and breakage for sure. So, switch to a soft cloth of pillow, for example, a satin fabric to minimize the damage. Also, you can loosen the braids to prevent breakage and get a good night sleep.

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4. Gentle Lips: We wake up in the morning and see dry lips very often. Make it a habit of applying a thin almond oil layer on your lips and see the magic on the next morning. Doing this regularly before going to bed will give you great moisturized lips.

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5. Cuticle Care: Your cuticles are one of the least thought-of areas of your body and we tend to ignore it as well. But if your fingers are getting cracks and are becoming dry, try rubbing some drops of coconut oil on your fingers to give your fingers strength and softness.

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6. Perfect Eyelashes: There are many serums available to enhance our eyelashes but, these aren’t very helping and are costly too. Try using castor oil on your top layer of eyelashes, and gently apply it before you head to bed. You can see a thicker and longer lash in few months.

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7. Soft and Gentle Hands: Soft hands are beautiful hands. To keep your hands soft after you wake up, gently exfoliate hands with any homemade scrub with sugar and olive oil. And massage hands with any mild cream or oil containing Vitamin E. For getting better results, wear gloves and go to sleep; you’ll feel that your hands are so soft and supple. You can also use Vitamin E for the whole skin and make it softer and younger.

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Have a Happy and Beautiful Sleep.

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