The one topic that has a never-ending debate going on over it, is whether to have an Arranged or Love Marriage!

Old school but works for most of the couples, an arranged marriage, where the two people spend their lives knowing and living with each other. Beginning as strangers, they start their ‘new life’ when they tie the knot and journey towards writing their beautiful story ahead.

For some, the concept of arranged marriages is outdated and unacceptable, so they choose to fall in love and get married to their partners. But, what’s the fun in that? You already know everything about that person, what do you think will be left to explore after marriage!

That is why, I am writing this article to help you understand, that arranged marriages have their own merits, and why most people chose to go for them, till date.

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Here is a list of reasons to why the concept of arranged marriages is still fresh and long-lasting in India.

1. Your Social Compatibility Is Strong

Being born and brought up with almost same lifestyle, traditions, values, morals, and upbringing, you become more socially compatible with your spouse. And the plus point is that you share many things similar along with possibly same social setups and cultural backgrounds.

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2. You Marry Your Spouse’s Entire Family And Not Just Him

This is true, especially from an Indian’s perspective. You just don’t marry your spouse, but you marry his whole family. You learn to love, adjust, understand and care about your spouse along with his entire family. You accept them the way they are after knowing them.

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3. You Keep Your Expectations Limited

High expectations ruin the stability of a relationship, especially in marriage. But in arrange marriages, you take your time to know the person before setting an expectation level. And the chances of leading a pragmatic and stronger relationship are high in such cases.

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4. You Trust Your Parents To Choose The Best For You

Our parents have indeed seen the world and experienced life for their fair share. This is the reason we leave it to them, to choose a correct life partner for us. Of course, you get to make the final call, but a little help and guidance will only do you good, and no harm.

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5. Your ‘Dates’ Are Arranged By Your Family Too

The best and the most interesting thing about an arranged marriage is that unlike in a love relationship, you don’t need to hide from your parents or the world to go out and spend some time with each other. In fact, it’s your family who pushes you to get to know the other person better.

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6. Your In-Laws Love You From The Start

Since yours and your spouse’s parents have chosen their son/daughter-in-law, by their consent and own happiness, they will go an extra mile to make you feel at home and comfortable amongst your new family. Beware people, you can’t be assure of this in love marriages!

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7. That Exciting Period Of Courtship & The Honeymoon!

This is the most adventurous and exciting period of your life, ever! The courtship period gives you butterflies in your tummy, literally, 24×7. It brings new discoveries, excitement and anticipation of a new life to begin in just a few months or days. Plus, you feel shy to discuss everything with each other openly. Isn’t that just adorable!

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Don’t you feel excited already! Life would be so different if we give a chance and belief in something that has been followed since ages. Arranged marriages often prove to be an adventure than adjustments and compromises. So think twice before saying no.

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