Valentine day is an important day for all those who are in a relationship. Obviously, they would want to make their valentine day special for their beloved. Red rose, chocolates, teddy bears, dresses, etc. have become clichéd things to gift on valentine day. Today at Khoobsurati, we’re going to tell you how to celebrate your valentine’s week in a special manner.

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1. February 7, Rose Day
Red rose is a symbol of love. A rose is a perfect way to start off a relationship. That’s why the first day of the valentine week is started by exchanging red roses. If you don’t have that much budget to gift something fancy on the rose day, a simple half-bloomed rose can do the magic. You can write a handwritten letter for him/her.

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2. February 8, Propose Day
If you like someone, then this is the perfect day to take your friendship to the next level. If you’re sure that the person also has the same feelings for you, then make no delay. Confess your love in a special manner. If you’re already married, then make new promises to your partner. You can take a break from your tight schedule and take your partner for a romantic drive. Or just sit inside the house and spend some quality time with your beloved.

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3. February 9, Chocolate Day
Women love chocolates. A woman can never get bored of chocolates. The sweetness of the chocolate adds more charm to your relationship. If you love baking, then instead of gifting store-bought chocolates, bake your own cake or make your own chocolates. Lure your partner with your cooking skills. You can also play naughty chocolate games with your darling. *wink*

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4. February 10, Teddy Day
It is a bit clichéd to say that girls love teddy bears. She can hug the teddy bear whenever she misses you. Teddy bears are the epitome of affection, pampering and love. You can show your heartfelt love to your beloved by gifting them a life-size teddy. A small handy teddy will do if your budget is restrained. The teddy will always remind her about your love.

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5. February 11, Promise Day
A relationship with a promise is incomplete. Make a new promise to your loved one. But don’t go overboard. Make a promise that you’ll be able to keep. If you really see a future with your loved one, then make the promise to be by his/her side always and keep it too. Take him/her to show the setting sun and indulge in the moment. Look into her/his eyes and make a promise that you’re going to keep for a lifetime.

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6. February 12, Hug Day
Hugging can convey your emotions better than words can do. Whether it’s a spontaneous hug or a planned one, a mere embrace of love can set everything right. Take some time out of your busy schedule and take your beloved out for some time alone. Spend some time under the night sky, hand-in-hand. Hold them in your embrace and let them know that you love them.

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7. February 13, Kiss Day
It is the next but a very important step in a relationship. Kiss is a sign that you’re stepping one step up in intimacy. After a day at work, spend time with your partner cozying up in a bed and watching romantic flicks. Cook meals together and find a moment to steal a kiss.

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Start making the plans for the valentine day and celebrate the season of love.

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