Wedding season will be here in no time. Have you prepared your jewellery box? Not yet? Still confused? Don’t worry. Today we’re going to bare traditional and chic jewellery options for you. Either you’re the bride-to-be or a bridesmaid, with these standout pieces of jewellery, everyone at the wedding will be eyeing you.

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So, embrace yourself, for the wedding season is here…

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1. Boho Chic Necklace and Maangtikka
Complete the mehndi look with a mirror-work gown and a boho chic neckpiece. A statement neckpiece and a headpiece are enough to elevate the charm of any bride or bridesmaid.

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2. Polki Necklace
Polki diamonds are back in fashion. Pair your bold polki necklace with a pair of statement earrings. You can also double up your necklace for more embellished look.

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3. Nose Rings
Be the girl with exuding beauty with a traditional nath and an edgy necklace. The stop-and-stare appeal is guaranteed with this look. Try this look only if you’re yourself the bride-to-be.

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4. Diamond Studded Necklace
Wondering what to wear at the party thrown by your doting parents? Wear a lace gown with a diamond studded necklace and a pair of earrings. Some old-world glamour can be used to add charm to your look.

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5. Emeralds and Rubies
Things may come and things may go, but ruby and emerald are here to stay. Opulent earrings with a studded necklace are the must to have in your bridal jewellery box. For a lighter bridesmaid look, you can wear them separately.

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6. Exquisite Ear Cuffs
Diamond and emerald ear cuffs aren’t going to fail you. Choose the stone whatever your outfit calls for. Handcrafted jewellery imparts a look of exquisiteness and royalty to the bride.

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7. Diamond-Studded Danglers
Your jewellery box is incomplete without a pair of diamond-studded danglers. Match your diamond rings with them. This deadly combination will not fail you, whether it’s your wedding or your best friend’s. Women and diamonds is the match made in heaven.

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