Our office is a place where we spend a majority of the time and it’s just like a second home to us because of the extended working hours. So, don’t you think it would be a great idea to make your office desk a comfort zone? We are sure that most of you will agree on this, but few of you might be confused as how to do it. Well, don’t worry as we have listed a few things that you should always have at your office desk that will not only make you productive but will also help you stay organized.

1. To-do list

To- Do listImage Source: squarespace

Start off your day by planning out things. Make a to-do list of all the things that you need to finish after that sort all those tasks that you need to cover on that particular day. This simple tip can help you keep a track of your work and finish the tasks on time.

2. A water bottle

A water BottleImage Source: meme766

When you are really busy with work, there are chances that you might miss out something basic like drinking water. So, it is advised that you place a water bottle next to your pc or laptop. By doing this, you will be motivated to drink water frequently and stay hydrated throughout the day.

3. Tissue box

Tissue boxImage Source: blogspot

Nothing is more annoying than a colleague sitting beside you sneeze without using a tissue. So, it is advised to keep a tissue box handy. Instead of using it for yourself, you can offer it to your colleagues too if they are not using one.

4. Body care products

Body care productsImage Source: goop

Just in case if you didn’t get time to groom yourself properly before coming to office and are heading for a party after office, then these products are going to help you. Keep essential makeup products like deodorant, hairbrush, and sanitizer in your desk drawer to use them as and when they are required.

5. Light snacks

Light snacksImage Source: wordpress

There is nothing wrong to store some light snacks in your desk drawer. Working empty stomach will deviate your mind and will affect your work. So, try to stock up something healthy like flax seeds, apples or other things that you can munch on when you are hungry. In this way, you will keep yourself full and will prevent binge eating.

6. Phone charger

Phone chargerImage Source: legaltie

Well, as our entire world revolves around cell phones and keeping a phone charger handy is essential. So, always carry a phone charger with you as you can’t predict when your cell phone might get discharged.

7. Photographs

PhotographsImage Source: flickr

Place photos of your near and dear ones at the office desk. This simple tip will brighten up your day at work after seeing those happy pictures and will also help in releasing stress.

So, these were the few things that you should always have at your office desk.

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