A pretty face and an amazing persona doesn’t need to hide behind a layer of makeup. Every woman is beautiful in its own way. It’s just sees the right person to see it. Whether you put on makeup or you don’t, you’re always beautiful.

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However, there are some tiny details that you can add on to enhance your sex appeal. So, if you’re planning an outing with your crush or you’re going out for a dinner date, follow these simple ways to look more attractive.
1. Take Clear Photos
Want to look attractive on social media? Then this is the first and the most important commandment to follow: Take clear photos. Blurry photos will only make you look dull and haggard. Make sure that you clean your camera lens before taking pictures. Stand still while taking a selfie.

2. Be Nice to Everyone You Meet
Personality makes you attractive more than looks do. Did you ever find a pretty girl attractive when she’s being nasty to the waiters? The answer is dissenting. An average girl who’s nice to everyone she comes across attracts much more people than the former one.

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3. Practice Good Posture
A bad posture will bring down your charm to extreme levels. It doesn’t matter what you’re wearing, but if your posture isn’t good then you’re not going to look even the least sexy. Keep your back straight, shoulders back, eyes straight and chest pushed. Women with good posture look more attractive than the rest of the women.

4. Smile
Smile is the best ornament a woman can wear. You’ll look a lot prettier when you’ll smile. Smiling brightens up your face and make your eyes twinkle. It also eases down the people around you and they find it easy to start a conversation with you.

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5. Have a Pet
Sounds alien? Let me explain why this point is included in the list post. When you’ll head out with a dog with you, you’ll catch more eyes than the usual ones. Some men will also try to talk to you because of your puppy. P.S. do this only if you’re an animal lover.

6. Wear Red
A girl can’t look hotter than in red. Science says that men are attracted to women wearing red. So, a red coloured dress is the best to wear on a date. Red colour depicts that you’re as hot as a fire.

7. Believe That You’re Attractive
No matter how ugly you consider yourself. But when you’re out on a date, act like you know that you’re attractive. Fake it till you make it. Forget about your flaws and focus on your plus points. Your confidence will make you more attractive than makeup ever can.

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