Smartphone detox is the new talk of the town. And it is for good, either! If you believe that you’re chained to your smartphone or you check your phone every minute, then congratulation my friend, ‘You’re addicted to your smartphone’. Addiction is bad. No addiction is good. You need a proper rehabilitation technique to get out of this tech-addiction.

Here are some smart ways to shed off your smartphone addiction once and for all…

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1. First of All, Don’t Set Unachievable Goals
Not touching your smartphone at all isn’t practical. Obviously, there would be some calls and texts that are needed to be answered. Restrict your usage. Answer only important calls and texts.

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2. Stack Your Phone at The Centre of The Table When You Meet Your Friends
This is a fun way to indulge in some healthy conversation with your friend. What’s the point of sitting in a fancy restaurant and checking out your phone constantly? You are out of your house because you wanted to meet this friend. So, stick to your motive.

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3. Don’t Allow Your Smartphone to Your Bedroom
The light from the smartphone restricts the melatonin levels in our body which is vital for a sound sleep. Even if you’re allowing your smartphone in your bedroom, keep it on the silent mode.

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4. Keep Your Phone Out of Sight While Driving
Don’t answer the calls while driving. If the call is too urgent to be ignored, then pull your car on the roadside to talk. Even if you’re in hands-free mode, the concentration on the road tends to deviate.

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5. Take a Break from Social Media for Some time
I’m not talking about forever. Take a break from social media for a week or two. Refrain from checking your social media accounts and notifications.

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6. Try Some Respect for Those Who’re Speaking to You
Have you ever noticed how bad it feels when someone is talking to you and your eyes are dug deep inside your smartphone screen? Try some respect this time. Listen to what the person has to say to you. While trying to be near to the person sitting at the other side of the phone, you’re ignoring the one’s who’re already near.

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7. Put Your Phone on Silent Mode Before Going to Bed
Keep your phone in the different room to your bedroom. This will stop you from using the phone just before the bed.

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