No single Indian cuisine is said to be complete without onions. We Indians are so obsessed with onions that we eat onions in a salad as well. This single ingredient contains texture, flavour, and aroma. You might not be liking the smell of onions, but we have to admit that we all like the smell of curry when it’s cooking. And the aroma is all due to onions. But do you know that this single packet of goodness is not confined to our kitchen only? You can use it in many other ways. Today we are going to tell 9 such unconventional ways in which onions can be used.

1. Clean Rusty Knives
We all have those rusty knives lying around in our kitchen our in our store. In fact, the iron knives get rusted even when they are used and properly kept in the kitchen. No matter how hard you try to clean them, but the stubborn rust marks won’t leave. What to do then? Just plunge your knife into a large raw onion. Wash the knife afterward, the rust will immediately come off.

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2. Treat a Bee Sting
Must you have heard about rubbing a metal piece on bee stings? Well, that works pretty well. But there’s an even faster remedy for it. Rub a piece of onion on your bee sting. This will reduce the pain and soreness.

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3. Get Rid of the Varnish and Paint Smell
The new varnish doesn’t let you sleep all night? (Few of us do like that smell, though!) Don’t spray the room freshener. Instead, take a bowl full of water and put sliced onions in it. Leave the bowl in the newly varnished place. This will mask the unpleasant smell of the varnish and paints.

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4. Clean Your Grill
Cut an onion in half and hold it with a fork. Use this to clean your grill. All the grease stains will easily come off.

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5. Vanish Away Pimple
The enzyme present in onions is known to reduce the size of acne. Add the crush slice of onions to water and apply it on your acne using a cotton ball. Keep it for few minutes then wash it away.

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6. Soothe a Burn
Onions are known for their excellent antibacterial properties. So applying onion to your burn will protect your wound from the infections. It will also reduce the pain.

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7. Add Shine to Metal
Crush some onion pieces and add them to some water. Dip a cloth in this solution and rub it on the metal surfaces. This will immediately add shine to the metal.

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8. Get Rid of the Smell of the Burnt Rice
Your rice got burnt and your whole house smells the burnt rice? Put onion slices near your gas stove. The onion will camouflage the smell of burnt rice.

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