Summer is here guys! So is the time to take even more care and protection for your skin, hair and body. It’s time to protect your lovely skin and hair from the harsh UV rays of the sun and prevent yourself from dehydration for a healthier you.

Summer is all about beautiful dresses and makeup, long vacations, sexy beach wears and all those delicious healthy summer drinks that you have been waiting for. But before you could enjoy all that, it is essential for your body to get ready to welcome the summer in a happy way rather than painful and with allergic reactions.

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Follow these amazing tips to stay beautiful and upbeat this summer and give your skin a wonderful feel of a healthier you!

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Body scrub is an essential beauty care that you can give to your body during summers. Scrubbing eliminates the dead skin cells and renews them with by clearing the bacterial buildup. This also helps your skin stay hydrated for a longer time and keeps is clean as well.

There are n number of body scrubs available in the market or you can even make body scrubs at home using different ingredients and recipes available online.

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BB cream is basically a blend of hydrating lotion and foundation, which works like a protection spell for your skin during those harsh sunny days in summers and are very light on your skin. BB cream keeps your skin healthy, radiant and fair for the whole day once applied properly. Carry it around every day and all the time to protect your skin and get a glow at any time.

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If you have dry and frizzy hair, then using a hair spray is a must for you ladies. It is also greatly recommended for those with normal to oily hair as well. Hair sprays help to manage the hydration and quality of your hairs in summers, so even after applying it before leaving the house you must carry it along with you in your bag at all times.

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Tanning and sun damage to the skin is very common during summers, so it is best recommended to use a homemade facial mask rather than market-based beauty products, for a healthy and glowing skin. Also, using a homemade facial mask will unclog the skin pores that gets clogged due to the excessive dust and dirt.

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It is as much important to protect your lips as much your skin. Even lips get tanned during summers, leading to wrinkles and dryness. To protect your lovely luscious lips, apply a lip balm which has a good SPF value and carries it along all day long if you are planning to stay out for the day. It is recommended to avoid using lipsticks during summers as they might drain the moisture of your lips and make them chapped, dry and painful.

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Even though you apply hair spray before stepping in the sun, you are still prone to get sun damage and hair fall due to the harsh summer heat. Hair masque rejuvenates your hair follicles and revives the life of them. Homemade masques are the best but you prefer market-based products over them then it is also acceptable. Hair masques protect and strengthen your roots of the hair and remove the excessive oiliness as well.

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Leave everything behind and apply a sunscreen with good SPF now! Yes, ladies, the first precaution to protect your skin from the summer heat is to apply that sunscreen before anything else. Never even think of stepping out in the sun without that beauty protection sunscreen if you love your skin and want to stay healthier for longer. The minimum value that you must look for in the SPF should be 30 or 50.

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The second-best way to keep your skin healthy and hydrated, after drinking lots and lots of water, is using a facial mist, throughout the day. It helps the moisture to stay locked in the skin and give you a refreshing glow every time you spray it on your face. And also, prevents the production of excessive oil on your skin.

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Tell us what else you do to protect yourself in summers, share with us in the comment box below!


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