Who doesn’t love to have a flawless beautiful skin, but that doesn’t mean you will layer up your delicate skin with all the cosmetics and never give your skin a good natural skin care routine.
Wishing to have a perfect looking and a beautiful skin is a dream, especially if you don’t give your skin the care it deserves. We envy the celebs and models for their flawless skin, but what we are unaware of, is that they put themselves through a lot of care and a strict routine to get such a healthy-looking skin.

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Even a little bit disastrous habit of every day can damage your skin and beauty up to an unrepairable extent. So, try to avoid doing these habits, to get the desired skin.

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It’s not necessary that if a cosmetic brand is suitable for your skin then it will be suiting on your skin as well. for example, if your BFF is flawlessly flaunting a good lipstick of a great brand, then it doesn’t mean that it looks good on your skin too. All the cosmetic products are not suitable for all the skin types.

Consult your dermatologist for knowing your skin type and choose brands and products as per your skin type.

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You must have heard this like a million times from your mother as well, STOP PRICKING ON YOUR PIMPLES! Fiddling with pimples, especially the ones on your face, or they will leave a mark after they get dried out.

You must consult your dermatologist if you have been facing this pimple problem from a long time and you have tried everything to get rid of them. Use natural organic products for a healthier and pimple free skin.

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We understand the seriousness of the issue when it comes to exposing your delicate skin to the harsh UV rays of the sun. but, it is equally essential for our skin to soak in some vitamin D for a healthier and replenished skin.

Use a good sunscreen with a high SPF, that will protect your skin from getting a sun tan or damaging it further. Sit under the sunlight for at least 10 minutes every day, after taking all the precautions to prevent yourself from getting a suntan.

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Avoiding washing your face after a dirty encounter with dust and sun all day, will leave your delicate skin damaged and leaving it dead and unnourished.

Wash your face every time you step outside, before leaving the house and even after returning, to clean all the dirt and remove suntan. Use organic or herbal products to make your skin healthier.

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You must never pick any random soap, it might damage your skin up to an unrepairable extent, leaving it unnourished and looking dead and dry. You can consult your doctors for your skin types and if there are any skin issues for using some specific products. Or you can use organic and herbal products for a healthier skin.

You can also use milk and honey as a skin cleanser and make your skin softer and supple in the harsh summer sun.

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Skin oils are essential for our skin, to help keep it soft & supple, even during the summer season. Sweating is a natural process, which is necessary for your body, so avoid using any antiperspirant on your body because it clogs your skin pores and affects the texture of your skin, and even if you do, ten moisturize your skin well, using a good body moisturizer twice a day.

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Though it’s an addictive device, it’s also a germ carrier, that you keep with yourself 24*7. Too much contact with the mobile screen with your skin can lead to acne breakouts, as it carries uncountable germs with it and affects your skin when you get stick to the phone for a longer time.

If you are a talking junkie, then we would rather suggest you use a handsfree then making a direct contact of your phone screens with your skin.

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It’s most commonly noticed that women don’t get much bothered about their eyes and necks. They take good care of their face and hair but don’t care much about eyes and neck. But, to be clear about one thing, neck and eyes are the first places where you can notice the visible signs of ageing.

So, from the next time, cover the whole neck and eyes area to make yourself look flawlessly beautiful. Use eye creams and good face moisturizers for the neck to beautify them.

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