Every girl wants a perfect body shape and they leave no stone unturned to get that size. But they may face problems when they lose breast size with their extra fat of body.

Basically, you face this problem because breasts are primarily made of fat and when you lose your extra fat of the body, you lose some size of the breast as well. But this is no reason to worry, here we will discuss 8 best ways which can help you lose weight without losing your breast size.

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1- Focus on your pectoral muscles:

Pectoral muscles connect your chest with shoulders and upper body. breasts are on top of the pectoral muscles. Strengthening pectoral muscles helps you in getting toned breasts so that you can maintain your breast size.

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2- Avoid cardio training:

If you are doing cardio regularly, you can lose both fat and muscles from your breasts. For perfect breast size, you must focus more on strength training. Which helps in building chest muscles.

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3- Try heavy weight dumbbells:

Strength training by using light weights, will not give you the results you want. So, stop using 2 or 3kgs dumbbells. Use heavier weights under expert supervision. It will help you maintain your breast size as well.

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4- Go for push-ups:

Do push-ups as much as you can, it will help you maintain your breast size.

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5- Try wall push-ups as well:

just like usual push-ups, use the wall instead of the floor and try to push wall it will good for breast size. And you can easily maintain your breast size by doing this regularly.

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6- Best exercise with dumbbells:

Practice dumbbell chest press, this is another exercise which helps you create strong muscles and breast tissues. Go for three sets in starting and increase sets once you comfortably start doing three sets. This is good for breast size.

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7- Choose right sports bra for workout:

Choosing the right bra at the time of the workout is very important because wearing the wrong kind of bra gives you breast pain, sagging and this results in a reduction of breast size.

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8- Maintain your diet:

Balance your diet and opt for foods which can help you increase estrogen and phytoestrogen levels. Choose foods which are good for your perfect breast size. You can add flax seeds, soybeans, soy yogurt, soymilk, pumpkin, sesame seeds, chickpeas, and red beans.

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