Fashion is all about comfort and looking good. But, it can be achieved only if it is done in the right way. Dressing perfectly and according to the trend does not require a regular shopping all it needs is some focus on the basics. So, to help you guys out we have listed some common fashion mistakes that every girl should avoid.

1. Too much makeup

Too much makeupImage Source: thelist

Never ever apply too much makeup on your face as it will only ruin your look. Try to keep your makeup dewy and light during the day and bold for the night. Besides this, always make sure that you use shades according to your skin tone.

2. Non-tailored pants

Non-tailored pantsImage Source: tillthemoneyrunsout

Well, it is very important that you wear a well-fitted pant. It is advised to discard all those pants which are too long or too short. In other words which is not suitable for your frame.

3. Perfume overdose

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Well, that’s right that a good perfume can go a long way but, too much of it can lead you to an awkward situation. Generally, it is suggested that you should opt for a scent which is subtle and can be felt by someone at an arm’s length.

4. Creased clothes

Creased clothesImage Source: yourbestdigs

You might be wearing the coolest clothes of the season but, if you are wearing it in the creased form then, it is definitely going to lose its charm. It is advised that you should wear well-ironed clothes as they look more presentable and clean.

5. Worn out shoes

Worn out shoesImage Source: wonderhowto

Shoes play a very important part as it can enhance the beauty of an outfit. While wearing a soiled and worn shoes can ruin your entire look. So, it becomes very important that you invest in good pair of shoes.

6. Too much jewelry

Too much jewelryImage Source: wordpress

While wearing jewelry, there are various factors that you need to keep in mind. Wearing all the jewelry you own at once is not a great idea. Stick to one particular accessory to complete your look and make sure to keep the occasion in mind and dress accordingly.

7. Ill-fitting lingerie

 Ill-fitting lingerieImage Source: grouponcdn

Well, this is the most common mistake which majority of girls make. There is nothing more ugly then wearing a wrong lingerie. It is very important that you invest in the good brand lingerie with a proper size or you will end up messing up with your attire.

8. Complete match look

 Complete match lookImage Source: pinimg

Never ever opt for same color bags, shoes, and accessory as of your outfit. It is always better to opt for a complementing shade for the accessories as it enhances your overall look. You can pair a nude colored bag with a pop colored dress for a chic look.

So, these are some fashion mistakes that every girl should avoid to get that perfect chic look.

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