The festivals of colors, Holi is around the corner to bring a new rush of hopes, colors, and happiness in our dull lives. While the festival promises to bring joy and happiness still, it brings in its own set of problems like skin problems. So, in order to avoid these skin allergies and various other issues, we have listed some ways to take care of your skin this Holi that will protect your delicate skin from the harmful chemicals.

1. Keep yourself hydrated

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Always try to keep your body hydrated as dehydration can make your skin dry which let the harmful colors seep deeper into your skin and cause damage. So, to avoid this, try to drink plenty of water, fruit juices to ensure that you stay hydrated throughout the day.

2. Try wear covered clothes

Try wear covered clothesImage Source: huffingtonpost

By wearing full covered clothes, the bare amount of your skin is exposed which ensures a minimum amount of damage is caused to your skin. So, try to cover as much as possible by wearing a churidar, salwar kameez or full sleeved shirts with old denim.

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3. Apply nail paint

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Applying nail paint to your toenails and finger nails is an effective way to protect your nails from the harmful colors of Holi. Try to apply multiple coats of nail polish if possible. You can also opt for vibrant and dark colored nail polish during this festivity.

4. Apply mustard or coconut oil on your scalp

Apply mustard or coconut oil on your scalpImage Source: ok-salute

It may sound cliche but, these age-old remedies can help you keep those harmful chemicals away from your body and scalp. So, make sure you apply a nice coat of these oils on your scalp and the area behind your ear.

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5. Moisturize your skin and lips properly

Moisturize your skin and lips properlyImage Source: consumerhealthdigest

Always moisturize your skin and lips to protect them from the harmful Holi colors because a dry skin is more prone to damage. So, try to apply a nice coat of lip balm on your lips and petroleum jelly on your skin and ears to prevent harmful effects of the colors.

6. Apply sunscreen

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Never play Holi without applying sunscreen on your skin. And if you are planning to play Holi for a prolonged period, then make sure you reapply sunscreen once in every couple of hours. This simple tip will ensure that your skin color remains even post Holi, and also, protects your skin from the harmful effects of the sunrays.

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7. Wear sunglasses

 Wear sunglassesImage Source: thehealthsite

Well, most people think wearing glasses on Holi is just for adding style to your look but, in reality, it can help you to protect your eyes from the harmful chemicals present in the color. Still, if you come in contact with the color, try to wash your eyes as soon as possible, or it might lead to irritation or redness.

8. Stay dry

Stay dryImage Source: dnaindia

Avoid being drenched for a prolonged period of time as it can invite allergies and discomforts. You can also consider playing Holi with curd that will make sure that the color fades away quickly and remains moisturized.

So, these were the few ways to take care of your skin this Holi.

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