Eating healthy is not all about healthy food but it is also about what you choose to follow soon after eating that healthy food!

Watching what you eat is good but it is the post-meal habits that matter a lot at the same time, in shaping your body. There is a list of things that people like to follow immediately after finishing off with their meals. And that what we are going to tell about in this article.

You must avoid doing these following things post meal. You might be unaware of the fact that these habits are actually doing more harm than good to your body, in various unexpected manners.

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So, here is a list of post-meal habits, that you must avoid doing at all costs.

1. Any kind of workout or exercise

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The only thing that will get affected is the digestion process of your stomach and not the fat or the toxic substances of your body.

2. Sleeping or taking a nap

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This is the most discomforting thing that we do to our body, sleeping of taking a nap right after having our meal. Eat your dinner before 8 pm and this will help your body to improve the metabolism and digestion.

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3. Drinking water

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either drink water before having your meal or wait for at least 30 minutes after you have had your lunch/dinner. Or else this disturbs the natural process of our saliva helping to digest the food better.

4. Consuming fruits or fruit juice

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They might be known as the healthiest food for your body, but it is important that you eat them at the right time too. Consuming fruits or fruit juice right after finishing off with your meal will only lead to heartburn, indigestion and many other problems.

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5. Smoking

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Well, smoking is recommended to be done NEVER, but if you are addicted to this slow poison, then don’t do it right after having your meal. Cigarettes have carcinogens, that are responsible for causing cancer in your body.

6. Bathing or taking a shower

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Taking a shower reduces the blood flow process in your body, but it requires a good blood flow to digest your food. So, wait for at least 40-45 minutes before taking a shower after having your meal.

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7. Reading

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Don’t be shocked! As we told you earlier, that digesting food requires a good amount of blood flow in your body, and reading requires a lot of concentration. Due to which, all the blood flow gets in your eyes to provide energy to concentrate better. Reading might hamper your digestion process and may cause troublesomeness in your stomach.

8. Having a cup of tea

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Tea has tannic acids, that prevents the proteins and iron in your body to get absorbed for fulfilling the minimum essential requirement.

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A Better Verdict

It is essential that you understand how your eating habits affect your body and your overall well-being.

Instead, you can go for a mild walk or 15-minute walk that will help you digest your food better.

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