Wedding night is the other name to excitement, thrill and expectations of course. Every single woman dreams about her wedding night right from her adolescence. It is the much-awaited night after hundreds of ceremonies and rituals when the union of two souls takes place. Is your wedding around the corner and you’re worried about your first night with your husband? Remember, the key rule is: don’t be afraid. When a person is tense, he forgets to enjoy the moment he’s living in. So, chill and don’t forget to follow these tips on your first night.

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1. Don’t Fantasize to Have a First Night Straight Out of Bollywood Movies
Every single person has some wild imaginations when his first night is concerned. But for the very first night with your hubby, don’t fantasize anything stupid. Let things unfold in its natural course.

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2. Talk it Out
It is important to have a conversation with the person you’re going to sleep with. Try to ease the tension in the air by talking to him. If it’s an arranged marriage, refrain from having sex on the very first night itself. Try to know what he expects from you and let him know your expectations as well. And yes, prepare for the contraceptives in advance itself.

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3. Don’t Plan Something Heavy for the Next Day
Come on, you both are already tired due to all the ceremonies and rituals and moreover, you’re going to lose out further energy as the night unfolds. Don’t have any plans for the next morning. If you must wake up early the next morning, you will have it on your mind all throughout the act.

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4. Plan a Surprise
Prepare a cute gift for your husband. It will break the ice between you two, in the case of an arranged marriage. Write a romantic note for your husband within the gift. And slyly slip a Kamasutra book in the packet.

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5. Don’t Make Haste
Let things unfold slowly. Don’t try to race it. Hugs and kisses play an equal role in sex. Have fun and talk to each other. Don’t just jump to the act straightaway. Dedicate more time to the foreplay section.

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6. Don’t Be Scared
Virgin brides are scared as all the aunties have already scared her out. Don’t be scared of the pain and bleeding. Stress will dry out your intimate area even more and make sex a painful encounter. You can use a lubricant if it’s your first time.

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7. It’s Okay to Not Have Sex at All
It’s not written on stone to have sex on your very first night. Take all your time to get comfortable with your partner. You can go a couple of nights without having sex and it is perfectly alright.

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8. Don’t Be Conscious About How You’ll Look Without Clothes On
Love yourself. Self-love is all you need to look desirable to your man. Your partner will love the confidence in you. He’s going to love the naked you even if you’re having cellulite.

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