When the mercury shoots up to 50 degrees and frequent power cuts irritate you like a hell, you sweat and lose a lot of water and salts. Now for replenishing body you will drink water and juice, but what about the cosmetics in your drawer that you have brought by your hard earned money. Nail polish dries easily when the room temperature shoots up to 30 degrees.

These days a single bootle of nail polish costs hundreds of rupees. When you have too many at home that means your thousands of rupees are wasted and the purpose with which you had brought the cosmetic will also die.

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Here is how you can prevent nail polish from drying out in the summer so that it lasts for a longer time

1. Heat is the bitter enemy of your nail polish

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Soaring heating is the bitter enemy of your nail polish strip because it snatches its freshness. Place your Nail Polish strip in the fridge. If the fridge is not available to you or frequent power cuts occur in your locality then try to place it in a cool and dark place preferably in a closed cabinet. Never expose your nail polish strip to the sun.

Don’t allow the strip to stand still for a longer time. After every two- three days, shake the strip as keeping it stand still will solidify it fast. For office going or students, it is easy because it is obvious they will be using polish on a daily basis.

2. Avoid vigorous shaking
The shaking should be gentle because it has been seen that vigorous shaking creates bubbles and next it will not apply evenly on your nails. Somewhere it will be thick and somewhere too thin.

3. Keep the lid closed to prevent air entering the bottle
If you will not place the lid properly on the strip, then there are chances that air will enter the strip which will clog the polish.

4. Remove the dry polish from the lid that prevent it from closing strip properly

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You can do it easily by dipping a cotton ball or Q-tip with fingernail polish remover. Scrub the cap to remove dried polish.

Precaution: If nail polish remover will mix with the polish it will change its texture. So avoid it to happen.

Replenishing method

Exactly in the same way we replenish our dehydrated body with water and juices, your nail polish can also be revitalized by adding few drops of lacquer thinner to the strip. Lacquer has the ability to replenish even your dried nail polish bottle.

Directions to use:

a) You can add a few drops of lacquer to your nail polish bottle with the help of an eye dropper. Too much of lacquer can reverse the effect, so you should be cautious to ensure only a few drops are added to the bottle.

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b) Lacquer is a hazardous substance. If the fumes of this chemical will enter your nose it can cause irritation. So it is best to choose a well ventilated place for adding lacquer to nail polish. You should never do it with windows and doors closed.
c) Lacquer is a very less expensive item. A can of it can cost you just a few rupees. One can of it lasts for months.

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d) After adding lacquer thinner, close the cap tightly and shake it well.
e) If your polish is still thicker, add a few more drops of lacquer till it becomes thinner.

f) If the lacquer is not available to you then you can mix the fresh nail polish with dried up one and then shake it gently till two don’t mix up completely. But this method is profitable only in case of half dried nail polish, not completely.

Limitation: This can affect the normal texture of your nail polish

What you should avoid doing

Nail polish remover will make your nail polish too thin to apply on nails. So you should avoid using it.

Don’t inhale or swallow lacquer because it is inflammable and poisonous. It catches fire easily.

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