Can you believe that too much exercise and staying hungry actually adds weight to your body? Even we were not able to believe it initially until our fitness experts didn’t tell us how it is possible. You must be wondering to know that how can a person who is starving his body and is having a lot of workouts put on weight. After all, if a person will eat something, then only some mass can add to his body, oxygen alone cannot add weight to the body. The below-mentioned reasons will definitely get rid of some of your anxiousness. Scroll down the page, learn to remain careful in future.

1. Ruthless exercise is a cause of gaining weight

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Whenever an overweight person thinks of losing some kg weight, he or she is at once advised by his friends and relatives to go for some aggressive periods of workout in the gym or at home and it seems perfect for all. Even he or she accepts it easily. But little do they realize that they are actually putting their weight rather than losing. Fitness experts say that if overweight persons will undergo ruthless periods of exercise, they tend to eat more and more to satiate their hunger. Some experts say that very often overweight people end in eating in the ratio of 85:15 that is 15 percent workout and 85 percent eating.

2. Insomnia adds to your weightWeight Loss Methods2

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Beta (Son) sleep well otherwise your health will ruin, our Indian mothers do tell their children if they found them staying awake till late night. Yes, they are right in saying so. Because Insomnia actually ruins our health by adding weight to our body. The reason which health experts tell us is that a sleep burns a lot of our calories, in fact much more than exercise and dieting.

3. Starving the body ends with putting weight

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As mentioned earlier that people who try to starve their body by undergoing ruthless dieting often end up in eating more and more in the end that results in making them overweight. It is good to fast or have some dieting periods, but not aggressive or for too much time. Health experts suggest that people who are fasting or have opted dieting for losing some kg weight should fill their belly with Salads so that their appetite is reduced.

4. Eating five to six hours before going to Bed

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If you are having dinner early in the evening thinking that it will help in reducing weight, then you are absolutely wrong because if you are eating around 8PM in the evening and going to bed around 1AM in the night, then it is obvious you will feel the urge for eating one more meal during this period. So it is better to have less time in between your dinner and going to bed.

5. Almost every food is a monster of calories

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Some people suffer from a sort of eating disorder and they think every food is packed with fat and thousands of calories. So these people start classifying foods on the basis of calories suppose dal contains this much of calories and rice contains that much while as the reality is different. Health experts advise us to enjoy every kind of food and never worry about calories, but try to eat in the limit.

6. If you will always start listening to your heart

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It is said that our heart and mind works in coordination, but when it comes to our desires, our heart hardly listens of our mind. Suppose you are walking in the periphery of your college canteens and the nice but dicey smell of Chinese food throngs the threshold of your nose and you want to open the door of your mouth for this unwanted guest. Sometimes your mind says to you that workout is necessary but your heart is telling you that now it is the time for taking some rest. So it is best if your mind wins this struggle and you don’t listen to your heart too often.

7. Weight conscious people worry for their extra kg but it backfires

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One of our health experts told us that once upon a time a patient came to him and said that he is not able to sleep well in the night. The expert replied him back that it is enough to keep sleep at bay. The patient replied back what, the expert replied that you are constantly worried about your sleep loss, once you will leave this tension, you will be ok once again.
Same is the case with overweight people that once they will not leave this tension that they are obese, no dieting or exercise is going to help them. Because stress, either ends in reducing a man to a skeleton or makes him over obese.

8. People who never cook their own food are always at a loss

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People who don’t have the facility of cooking food at home and are now habitual of eating fast and processed foods may not just put on their weight by eating fat and oily substances, but may also harm their stomach and kidneys because the spices and chemicals in the restaurant foods results in acidity and additional load on the kidneys. So it is better to marry early in life so that you will get some nice, simple and spiceless food to eat at home.

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