The much-awaited festive season of Navratri is already here. The evening will be fun-filled with lots of music, masti, friends, Dandiya Nights and what not. When your sexy lehenga cholis and makeup is all set, why to ignore your nails? Dressing up perfect from the head to toe means getting everything from a toenail to hairdo done in a perfect manner. So here are some nail art designs you can try this Navratri.

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1. Glitter Nail Extensions
A well-done manicure can’t look better when it’s blended with the glitter nail extensions. You can shine like a star with these dazzling nail extensions.

nail-art-trends-for-navratri1Image Source: co

2. Golden Nail Extensions
Wearing golden coloured outfit to the Dandiya Night? Why don’t you colour coordinate your nails with your outfit? This golden gleam is perfect for the night time events.

nail-art-trends-for-navratri2Image Source: one1lady

3. Mint Manicure
Mint coloured shades never go out of fashion. You can get the mint coloured nail paint with some glitter on it to get them ready for the Dandiya Night.

nail-art-trends-for-navratri3Image Source: wp

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4. Flower Manicure
Bright coloured flowery nails can’t catch the eyeballs from a distance. If you’re wearing something flowery, then this manicure will compliment your dress perfectly.

nail-art-trends-for-navratri4Image Source: beautybender

5. Revitalising Manicure
This manicure works wonders on the tired hands. You can get rid of the tan, dead skin, dry skin with this manicure while leaving your hands smooth and soft.

nail-art-trends-for-navratri5Image Source: amazonaws

6. Pearl and Glitter Nail Art
Women will never fall out of love with diamonds. So why do you limit the diamonds and pearls to your jewellery? Grab some attention with these nail arts.

nail-art-trends-for-navratri6Image Source: newnaildesigns

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7. Signature Manicure
If you don’t want to look flashy and decorated in the event, you can get the basic manicure done. You can get rid of the callus with a relaxing massage with a paraffin wax treatment to leave your nails shining and healthy.

nail-art-trends-for-navratri7Image Source: bellaavante

8. Embellishment
You can embellishments to your nails. All types of embellishments are easily available in the market these days. Get the ones of your choice.

nail-art-trends-for-navratri8Image Source: ytimg

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