Who doesn’t love sleeping? We all know the importance of sleep in our life. In just a few hours, our body is replenished of all the energy it lost during the day. It helps us put ourselves together after a hectic day. Sleeping is good, but some sleeping positions aren’t.

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Many of us have some horrible sleeping positions. Such sleeping positions not only disturbs the sleep of the person sleeping next to you but also cause harm to your body and posture. A sound position is very important while you sleep.

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It is better for you to know that some sleeping positions aren’t good for you. Train yourself to avoid them at any cost. Ask your family member or your partner to alert you when you sleep in such awkward position.

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1. Sleeping On Your Stomach
Most of us love sleeping on our stomach. But this position is an utter no-no. It can disrupt your sleeping patterns. It puts stress on our nose and neck. It can also cause the pins and needles syndrome in your arms.

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2. Sleeping in Foetal Position
This sleeping position got its name from the position of babies who sleep like this in their mother’s womb. It can cause severe problems in your neck and back. It also hinders your normal breathing process.

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3. Sleeping on Hard Pillow
People have this habit of putting an extra pillow under their head while sleeping. This unevenness and hardness can cause stiff necks and back pain.

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4. Sleeping Side Wise
If you have breathing problems or snoring problem, then you should sleep on your side. But sleeping on your side can cause face wrinkles and saggy breasts. It can also cause numbness of arms when you sleep in one position for a long time.

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5. Sleeping With Arms Above Your Head
This can cause acute pain in your shoulder joints. It is very bad for your health to sleep in this position.

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6. Sleeping on Back with Arms on Side
This position is best for those who don’t suffer from any breathing problems. But in case you constantly snore while sleeping, this can create a problem.

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7. Sleeping on Chair
Sometimes, while we are waiting for someone, we fall asleep on the chair/sofa itself. But don’t make it your habit. When we lie down a sofa or a chair, our body isn’t in an alignment. This can cause stiff neck and back next morning.


8. Sleeping While Covering Your Face
During winters, most of us have this habit of sleeping with our face covered under blankets. This is the worst position ever. You can avoid the cold and light with this position. But you can cut off air supply as well! Lack of fresh air can make you feel tired and drowsy the next morning.

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