Sitting at home idly? Waiting for your vacations to end because you’ve nothing special to do? Jealous of a friend who is out on a foreign trip this vacation? Well, you shouldn’t be. Make proper use of this time, by indulging yourself in some work while play. Today we’re going to teach you how to make your own earrings at home.

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You can stand out of the crowd or can go completely subtle with the earrings customised according to you.

1. Bobby Pin Earrings
This is the simplest and coolest type of jewellery you can make with your bobby pins. Just pick some bobby pins and paint them according to the colour of your choice. Put them together in a metal loop and attach the loop to the earrings hoop.

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2. The Leather Triangle Earrings
Having an old leather bag? Just cut out triangle pieces of it. Paint them with your desired colour and fix an earring hoop to one end. This looks quirky and goes well with any type of western outfit.

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3. The Fringe Earrings
You can get fringes from anywhere you want. You can make fringes yourself as well. take some coloured threads together and bring them together. You can also put the fringes on one plane. Put them on a metal trim and attach that trim to an earring hoop. You can keep the length of fringes according to yourself.

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4. Tassel Earrings
Tassels are very much in vogue these days. Isn’t it? They are easily available now everywhere. You can also gather the strings together and create a tassel by yourself. Attach the end of the tassel to an earring hoop.

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5. Recycled Bottle Earrings
Cut out the strips from the plastic bottles. Draw the sketches of your choice on it. Bring both the ends of the strip together and join them to create a funky earring.

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6. Feather Earrings
You can get some glam looking feathers from the market. Paste them to the end of the chains. Attach the other end of the chains to the earrings hoop to make a pair of dazzling earrings.

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7. Lace Earrings
Lace never goes out of fashion. Take any old fabric of yours and cut the lace out of it. Make your desired pattern with the lace. Paint it up with the glue to make them solid. Attach the earrings hoop at the end to make earrings.

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8. Shell Earrings
This is the easiest of all. You can give yourself a perfect beachy vibe using shell earrings. You can gather the shells from the seashore and paint them up. Glue the stud backends at the back to make them as a cute pair of earrings.

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9. Button Earrings
Some of our outfits come with even funkier buttons. Don’t throw them away. You can cover them in fabric or paint them to make the earrings. Attach the stud backends to the buttons to make funky earrings out of those buttons.

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