Fun doesn’t always mean spending money. There are many other ways to make merry with your mains without spending a single penny. Here are some cool ways to enjoy with your friends when you’re broke.

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1. Movie Time at Home
You can watch your favourite movies at home with your friends. Ask your friends to bring their laptops along. You can gather your favourite movies in a pen drive and watch movies back to back at home. Grab some cheap snacks from the nearest food joint.

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2. Prepare a Dish at Home
What could be a more fun way to enjoy the company of your friends? Get a simple recipe from the internet and try to make it at home. Either you’ll make something worth drooling over or you can laugh at each other’s ‘cooking skills’. It’s a win-win situation.

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3. Games Night
Call your girlfriends at home and play board or card games. Recall your childhood and rejoice over these little joys of winning the game. You can also play hide and clap if your house has enough space for hiding. It would be fun.

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4. Street Shopping
You don’t need to drop by an expensive brand outlet to buy some fashionable goodies for yourself. For a day, put the brand freak in you aside, and play some bargaining at the street shops. This way you’ll save up money and have fun with your friends.

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5. Play Badminton in a Park
If you have a park nearby, go and visit it with a pair of racquets and a shuttlecock. Play badminton in the park with your friends. You can arrange a match by dividing your friends into two teams.

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6. Volunteer
What could be a better way to enjoy your friends’ company than to engage yourself in some social work. Visit an NGO nearby and offer your help. Seek for places which require volunteers. Some even offer remuneration for the volunteering.

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7. Go Sightseeing
Visit the historical places of your town with your babes. Go to the places of your city that you haven’t visited yet. You can travel around your city without spending much.

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8. Give Each Other a Makeover
Watch makeup and hairstyle videos on YouTube and try them on each other. It’s okay to go wrong, after all your friend can be your subject for a day. Isn’t it?

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9. Have a Sleepover
This is the most fun way to have fun with your girlfriend. Call her up for a homestay. Talk about things while lying down in a bed. You can watch movies or TV series late at night over a cup of hot coffee.

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