In this modern era, everyone wants to be the centre of attraction and praised for their looks. But what makes a lady look perfect for an event, Is it the outfit or shoes? Well, the thing that makes every girl look amazing is makeup. Makeup has an ability to transform a geek girl to diva.

Either you are a makeup lover or not but there is one cosmetic that no girl can resist and that’s none other than Lipstick. Lipstick is something that adds beauty to your face and makes you look sexy, bold and bubbly.

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But before you apply your favourite lip colour check out these hacks to get that perfect shade:

1. Scrub off that lips

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It is very important to scrub your lips before applying lipstick to get that smooth finish. You can blend sugar and olive oil to scrub the lips or use an old toothbrush to scrub them. This will help in making your lips smooth and hydrated.

2. Smear prime first

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The first step to makeup is to apply primer. This makes your lips perfect and ready to get painted. Primer helps to bring out the true colour of the lipstick and makes it last long.

3. Get that lip line correct

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Lip liners not only add lining to your lips but can also be used as layering. If you fill up your lip with liner following with same shade lipstick can add wonders to your lips. After this hack, you don’t need to worry about the touch-ups.

4. Wipe the excess lip colour

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After applying the first coat of lipstick it is essential to take off the excess lip colour. Just put a tissue paper between your lips and it will soak the excess lip colour.

5. Bye- bye to teeth marks

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The reds and pinks look amazing on our lips but sometimes they leave embarrassing marks on our teeth. But we found a way to get over with this situation. Just put your clean index finger in your mouth and slowly pull it out. In this way, the lipstick will come on your finger and will not cause any marks.

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6. Add gloss to it

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There are days when we want our lip colour to stay longer like wedding or night out. Well, this hack is very useful when you are stuck with this problem. Just put on some gloss and go, flaunt it girl. Gloss will seal the colour and will keep your lips moisturized.

7. Some extra in the centre

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To get that perfect pout lips just dab some extra lipstick in the centre of your lips. This trick will surely help you to get selfie-ready.

8. Rock with highlighters

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If you want to add volume to your lips just put on some highlighter and see its magic. It will make your pout more stunning.

9. Always use the brush

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Always apply lip colour using a lipstick brush. It will help to spread the lipstick evenly and makes layering easier.

These were the few hacks that you can use on a regular basis to get that perfectly smooth and even lip colour. So, now smile and say cheese.


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