Beauty tips, beauty tips everywhere! Some of them are the ones you’ve already heard before while some are absolutely unhackneyed. But the lesser known beauty tips are as useful as the popular ones. All we need is an open mind and eyes as well. Here we’re back with some unconventional yet valuable beauty tips. Don’t forget to share them with your friends.

1. Spray Your Favourite Perfume in Your Unscented Lotion
Like the mystical scent of your perfume? Smell like fresh flower all day; spray some perfume in an unscented perfume.

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2. Buy Travel-Size Mascara to Save Money
Are you tired of throwing away the dried-up mascara in the bins? This is sheer waste of money. So, next time, buy a travel-sized bottle so that you can use up all the product before it gets dried up.

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3. Use Microfiber Towels to Clean Your Makeup Brushes
Who needs the expensive brush cleaning pads to clean the makeup brushes? Your towels will work equally well with the task.

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4. Use Cornstarch As Dry Shampoo
Dry shampoos can really poke hole in our wallet while washing our hair everyday isn’t possible. Then what to do? There is a way out! Sprinkle some cornstarch on your scalp! That it!

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5. Use Vaseline As an Anti-Wrinkle Cream
No need to splurge on expensive anti-wrinkle cream. You can smear some Vaseline on your wrinkles after washing your face at night. Make sure that your skin is not pimple-prone. You will see that your face has become plumped the next morning.

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6. Warm Up Your Mascara Tube in Your Bra Before Applying It.
There is a quick-fix to deal with dried up mascara. Put your mascara in your bra for few minutes before applying it. You’ll never have to deal with clumping.

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7. Use Paper Napkins as Blotting Papers
Oil-blotting sheets are not affordable for everyone. Moreover, some people believe that they are just waste of money. You can use simple paper napkins as oil blotting sheets.

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8. Wash Your Hair with Soda Water to Control Frizz
Don’t believe the claims of the myriad anti-frizz products when you can make your way with just a bottle of soda water. Rinse your hair with carbonated water to control your frizzy mane.

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9. Apply Cinnamon Oil on Lips for Instant Plumping
Who doesn’t like plumper lips? Cinnamon oil can do this for you. Smear some cinnamon oil on your lips and let it sit for few minutes. Wipe it off with a paper tissue. Apply lipstick to get a flattering pout.

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