We all are guilty of making and breaking new year resolutions every year. The reason is the unrealistic health goals set by us. Most of the women resolve on shooing away the fast food from their lives. But does it happen? No, I’m afraid!

Instead of making a bigger new year resolution of losing weight, try these 9 small resolutions that will eventually lead you to the weight loss. So, have a look at these 9 mini new year resolutions to lose weight in 2017.

You’re not going to lose the whopping amount of 3 pounds in a week, but these mini-goals are definitely going to work for you. Slowly, but steadily.

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1. Practice Positivity
Shoo the negative thinking right away of your life. Start looking for the wins in your life. Appreciate yourself for the small gains you made (not for the weight gains). Pat yourself on your back whenever you lift a heavier weight.

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2. Maintain a Food Journal
Make a journal and write down every single thing you’re eating in your journal. When you’ll write down your calorie intakes, you will realise that you’ve been overeating all this time in your life. Manage your daily calorie intake and you will notice that you’ve been losing much weight than before. You’ll start making smart and healthier food choices. Weigh yourself everyday and write it down. You’ll be overwhelmed by the results. But don’t pamper yourself with another plate of pasta for your weight loss.

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3. Spend Less Money
When you’ll make a mind to stop overspending your money on useless things you will notice that your overall calorie intake has reduced. Save your money on the cab, walk to the places nearby if you can. Save money on junk foods. Eat a bowl of salad when hungry. This way you’ll be able to save your money and cut down on junk food. Some women who have tried this trick have lost 30 pounds in just one month!

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4. Practice Hula-Hoop Everyday
No exercise can be as fun as hula-hoop is. Pick up a hula-hoop and try to use it for everyday for few minutes. It will bring you great joy and will burn a lot of calories. It is also used to beat mild depression. Make a resolution to hoop 10 minutes every day. It will carve out your waistline and trim your body.

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5. Walk 10,000 Steps a Day
People who had Fitbit, resolved to walk at least 10,000 steps a day. Choose walking as the primary mode of transportation for yourself, unless the destination is too far. Walk for a few distances after having your lunch. Walk to run the errands of your house, like groceries and other essentials.

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6. Stop the Weight Gain
Sometimes, it is beyond our control. But if we look closely at our diet, ceasing the further weight gain can be stopped. Stop eating the heavily loaded desserts like chocolate ice cream. If you’ll stop eating calorie-rich foods, you will notice that you’ve started shedding off kilos in a month.

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7. Be Active
Kick the laziness of your life. Get up and get your own breakfast. Walk your dog on your own. Enroll yourself into some sports. Or start playing badminton with your street kids. Learn and practice yoga. Merely, by being active throughout the day, you can stop yourself from gaining weight.

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8. Stop Drinking Calories
The drinks have more calories than the foods. Coffee, aerated drinks, beer, alcohol, etc. have more calories than you think. Drink a lot of water. Drinking at least 3 litres of water in a day can help you lose a lot of weight.

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9. Drink Green Smoothie in the Morning
Blend the green veggies and fruits in the blender and have this smoothie in the breakfast. It is both delicious and filling. Once you will make it a habit to rely on a healthy alternative in the morning, your taste buds will crave for healthier food in future.

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