A greatly done manicure gives your hands a much needed makeover. Well-shaped nails are equally important as a perfectly done eyeliner is. Though they seldom get noticed, but when they do, they leave a great impact on the viewer’s mind. Chipped nails or badly shaped nails just tell how careless you’re about yourself. You don’t always have to go to the salon to get those perfectly filed nails. Just follow these tips to file your nail just like the experts.

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1. Prefer a soft file to file your nails. The harder versions tear your nails apart and you often end up cutting your nails. Look for a file which have a higher grit number. A 240-grit file is great to get started with.

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2. Avoid filing your nails to and fro. This is the reason why tearing of your nails occur. File you nail in one direction only. Make side to centre motion to file your nails.

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3. Hold the file flat against your nail. If you tilt the file to some angle, it will only reduce the thickness of your nail. Thin nails are prone to breakage and chipping.

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4. If your nails are dry and brittle, then don’t file them that way only. Soak your nails in a soapy water for few minutes. This will hydrate them and make them softer to file.

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5. Do not file too deep down the sides of the nails to make them pointed. This makes your nails more prone to breakage. Thinner nails at edge are weaker as compared to box shaped nails.

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6. If by mistake, you filed your nail too short, then don’t croon over it too much. Nails will grow, after all. They are meant to be. Just paint your nails plates with the neutral shade to fake the added length.

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7. To file the tip of the nail, hold the file perpendicular to the nail.

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8. When you’re coming to the sides, don’t hold the file in a tilted manner. Hold it parallel to your nail.

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9. To smoothen the corners for an oval shape, gently file the corners at an angle.

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