Don’t fall into the trap of Fairness Creams. Just don’t! no matter how promising they seem but the truth is, they can do no good for your skin. Instead, some fairness creams even contain bleach which has many negative impacts on your skin. Dark is beautiful, and let no one ever take away this notion from you.

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I can’t understand why the world is obsessed with the fair skin; I find night more enticing than days.

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The only thing you need to do is take care of your skin. Regardless of the complexion, skin care should be practised by each and every girl. A healthy skin, no matter how dark or fair it is, stands out in the crowd. So to let the enigma of your dark skin unveil, you need to take some skin care measures.

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1. Make sure that you clean your skin well. this the primary step of your skincare regime. The kind of product you’re using for your skin also matters a lot. Steer clear from the fairness products.

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2. Moisturize your skin well. nothing looks better than a well-moisturized skin with a dewy glow.

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3. Protect your skin from the harsh UV radiations. Use a quality, sweat-proof SPF on your skin. Choose a sunscreen according to your skin type.

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4. If you want to get your hair coloured, then these are some shades you can definitely pick.
Warm chocolate shades

  • Auburn Hued
  • Sun kissed blonde shades
  • Brunette hue
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5. However, there is no difference in the skincare regime of a fair skinned and a dark skinned girl. You have to strictly follow your C-T-M routine. Don’t forget to include an ‘S’ as well. This ‘S’ stands for SPF.

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6. You can also use foundation on a daily basis. But make sure that the shade isn’t too lighter than your natural skin tone. Remove your makeup in the evening with a makeup remover. You can also use the foundations with SPF nos.

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7. Take care of your diet. If your diet is not healthy, no amount of skin care product will help you get a clean and healthy skin. You can practice yoga and meditation to get the clear and stress-free skin.

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