Saw that red mark on your face before you were heading to a party. Your skin ditched you just before you were about to head for a romantic date with your significant other? The skin, sometimes leaves us so embarrassed; making us feel as if we were punished for the sins unknown to us. We try hard to seek forgiveness, but our skin doesn’t seem to forgive or forget. But girls chill! Take a deep breath…..!!!!

With the advancement of technology, many creams and brands are flooding into the market, you can pamper your skin letting it follow a road to recovery. Who knows our face might just thank you for making it flawless and radiant it always wanted.
Ointments are available for many skin types. Choose a cream or face wash, according to the requirements of the skin. However, it is always advisable to consult a dermatologist before you choose any of this lotion.

# Face Washes

Clean and Clear Face Wash

‘Prevention is better than cure’. Go by what this term says and try to fight before that acne becomes a blot on your face. Why give pimple a chance to ruin a great outing and make you feel complex when you are with your friends. It contains Triclosan, Lauryl Phosphate and Glycerine. It removes out the excessive dirt from your face and open the pores. It controls oil secretion and prevents common pimple problems.

Neutrogena Face Wash

Fight until it becomes too late. This mild exfoliant contains ingredients such as rice extract, 2%salicylic acid or lactic acid, which have proved to be a great effective treatment for fighting this problem. It has special soothers which avoid over drying and is therefore suitable for all skin types whether it be dry to oily. The skin is left clean, residue free and never oily. It is fairly popular and is widely accepted as effective and safe.

Himalaya Face wash

Flawless skin is now just a few washes away! Enriched with natural properties, it is clinically proven and known for enhancing face complexion. It works as an effective treatment for pimples as well. It heals acne and various ingredients inside it prevents scar formation. An ideal remedy for skin, it works wonders. You can see the results yourself in just few days.

# Skin creams

Lotus Herbals Phytorx Clarifying Pimples and Acne Cream

Lotus is one the most renowned name in personal beauty and skin care. Nowadays, when many girls are suffering with the problem of pimples and acne the lovable brand has come up with products especially designed to rescue its lovely ladies.

Skin Medica Scar Recovery

It hydrates the affected area and does stupendous work for scars which originate because of pimples. It is a type of gel which fights the light red or pink marks which are generally visible on fairer skin tones. Clinically tested it assists in healing wounds and scars.

The above mentioned ointments and face washes are over the counter products which are available in the market. These serve as a good treatment if you have mild scars.

# Dermatalogist Advice

Many creams are also prescribed by the dermatologist for the treatment of scars and for pimple removal. Some of them are Treitinoin and Corticosteriods. Other ingredients which doctors look in creams for pimple marks removal is Benzoyl Peroxide. Although it has drawback of excessive drying the skin, the gel form contains a formula which kills bacteria and does not dry the skin much. Apart from this, many antibiotic creams are easily feasible, but before using any of these go visit your doctor and ask for his prescription. Because he is well trained and will recommend any cream, lotion or gel keeping in mind the sensitivity of the skin and how badly it is damaged.

After all, it’s your skin and you yourself should make it a blemish free and spotless. So, act before it gets too late!!! Visit a doctor, apply a cream use a gel do whatever, but get away from these disturbing and awkward spots soon.

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