Bloated stomach is becoming so commonplace nowadays and everyone wants to get fitter and be in shape. And in order to maintain this, they sign up the membership in the gym and start to follow the diet plan to lose weight. But even after straining yourself with such strict workout and diet you don’t find any changes and in turn, you feel bloated.

Well, there are many reasons for bloating.

Bloating can be caused because of certain things that we do in the regular routine. Scroll down to know more about these habits.

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1. Consuming alcohol

Consuming alcoholImage Source: amazonaws

Consuming excess alcohol can lead to bloated stomach because it leads to water retention in your body. Casual drinking is fine but it is always better to stop after two drinks as it makes your body puffed. Always try to drink water in between if you are consuming more than two drinks.

2. Drinking less water

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Try to drink enough water to avoid bloated stomach. If you don’t drink enough water, then your body will hold on to your reserve water which is not good for your health and which can later cause dehydration.

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3. Sitting idle for hours

Sitting idle for hoursImage Source: allstate

Never ever sit on a single place. Even if you are not eating anything and sitting for a long time at a particular place it can also cause bloated stomach. Try to go for small walks, especially when you feel uneasy about your stomach.

4. Eating chewing gum

Eating chewing gumImage Source: wsj

Avoid eating chewing gum in excess as it leaves you bloated. When your chew it ensures that you inhale excess air which later makes you feel uncomfortable.

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5. Fast eating

Fast eatingImage Source: com

Do you have a habit to consuming your food quickly? Then, it’s better to rid of this habit. When you eat your food in super-quick mode you inhale excess air with your food which later makes you feel uneasy. Another reason for bloating can be the unchewed food.

6. Drinking soda

Drinking sodaImage Source: hellogiggles

In order to remain fit, many people consume the diet soda so that their fitness is not affected. But after consuming this you can feel bloated as it is made up of artificial sweetener which can harm your digestion.

So, these were a few habits that you need to give up, to avoid bloated stomach.

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