Landing in soup!! Do controversies help celebs remain Hot and happening? All this was going on in my mind when Newbie Alia bhatt got into this age old trap.




The latest younger generation star of the film industry, in her twenties has created ripples in the film industry and the public in general with the show off of her general awareness. Not difficult to guess, here we are talking about Alia Bhatt, the youngest daughter of well -known film personality Mahesh Bhatt. Alia took everyone by surprise when in Koffee with Karan she was asked who the president of India is, Alia promptly replied with  Prithviraj Chavan. She made similar goofups on the show and made herself a victim of  mockery on the social media. Since then, the young actress has made herself a target of jokes and earned a very negative reputation of being stupid in her life.

kofee with karan


Feeling hurt by the mockery on the social media, the young actress though not disheartened retorted back with a 10 minute long documentary film titled “Genius of the year”.  In the video Alia is shown to be disheartened due to the negative publicity generated by the “Koffee With Karan” debacle. She is shown to visit a mental gym where she is trained to improve her mental faculties. She is fed on the diet of newspapers and made to skip the Page3. At the end, she lands in the “Koffee With Karan” again and answers all the questions confidently and intelligently and is shown to have won the battle. The comical video features Alia acting in it and has spoofs of songs from her movies.The video is a good example of how Alia takes the issue in the right spirit and decides to fight back courageously and doesn’t give up so easily.She took the opportunity and turned the negative publicity to her advantage. Anyone with this attitude cannot be termed dumb. It is a comical spoof and should be watched by all the Alia’s detractors. Alia bhatt had become a target of jokes on the social media but according to her she is not hurt by it rather she is amused by it.








Otherwise also, the 21 year old is doing well professionally, so far all her films have done well at the box office and she has an enviable lineup of films for her. The actress who made her debut with “The student of the year” will be seen next in the “Shandaar” with shahid kapoor directed by Vikas Bahl of Queen fame and will also feature with kapoor in Abhishek Chaubey’s “Udta Punjab”. Also, she has shown all the signs of  establishing herself as a singer. The actress sung ‘Sooha Saha’ for music maestro A R Rahman in the movie Highway and topped it up with her ‘Samjhawan’ number for Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania. She may launch herself as a singer in future and also plans to cut an album in the future.





In her personal life too, the latest Bollywood sensation has acted quite wisely. Apart from her films, she has managed to stay in the news through gossip about her  alleged affairs. Though she has been linked to her co stars Varun Dhawan and Arjun kapoor, she never admitted to having an affair with any of them. The Bollywood sensation made another smart move of not working with the family. Had she done films with the Bhatts, people would have targeted her saying that she achieved stardom due to her family connections. But being smart she is, she has chosen not to do so and rather won acclaims and awards for her work in the movies on her own and is all set to have a successful career for her in the film industry. Instead of losing heart due to the public ridicule, she fought back and threw the tables at the opponents and paved a way of success for herself in her career, how could a dumb person have done all this.

So, people lets not overlook the fact that this may be her smart move to remain in news and rend for future and be the most searched one .. and that we can not call her DUMB!!



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