Karva Chauth is the festival when every woman wants to look her best and wishes to stand out in the crowd. But it is not so easy to get a perfect look as it needs a lot of planning and because of the whole long day fast, there are chances that most of the women would end up feeling dull till the night rituals come across. So, if you really want to spread your charisma this Karva Chauth, then you need to prepare everything prior the fast.

Therefore, we bring you some amazing beauty tips that will help you look fab this Karva Chauth:

1. Book your appointment in advance

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During this festival, most of the salon are crowded with people and there are chances that you might not get the expected look that you planned for. So, instead of compromising with your look try to book your regular salon in advance to look best.

2. Take care of your body too

Take care of your body tooImage Source: ndtvimg

This is a fact that most of us just focus on the face but if you really want a glowing look then you need to prepare your face and body too. The total care of your skin will uplift your look on the special day or any occasion. So, don’t forget to buy body scrubs.

3. Depend more on home remedies

Depend more on home remediesImage Source: milionkobiet

Don’t expect that salon is going to fulfill all your beauty needs. Always pamper your skin and hair with the home remedies till the occasion arrives. Use home remedies which include aloe vera, honey or green tea. You can also use milk while taking bath.

4. Few things to do before Karva Chauth

Few things to do before Karva ChauthImage Source: ytimg

There are chances that you may miss out some important beauty treatments even after going to salon daily. Few of these treatments include waxing, threading, pedicure and facial. It is always better to get these treatments done before the occasion to avoid chaos till the last moment.

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5. Arrange the cosmetics in advance

Arrange the cosmetics in advanceImage Source: lifetimestyles

Women start shopping for this occasion from a long time but still miss out the important cosmetics that need. So, always try to buy all the important cosmetics that you need in advance. This will ensure that you look best on your special day.

6. Apply mehendi in advance

Apply mehendi in advanceImage Source: amazonaws

For this occasion, women apply mehndi on their hands and feet. So, if you really want your mehendi to look darker apply it two days before the occasion and avoid working too much in water.And don’t forget to pick a good design.

7. Makeup essentials to keep in mind

Makeup essentials to keep in mindImage Source: tumblr

On this special day, you cannot miss out on lip colour, eye makeup, nail colour and a nice hairdo. So, for a perfect look prep up your skin with foundation, primer, and bronzer. You can also repeat the lip makeup at regular intervals.

8. On the special day

karva chauthImage Source: rediff

On this day there are chances that you might not get enough time for yourself. So, make sure you arrange enough time for the hairdo, makeup, and saree draping. And if you run out of energy then you can also appoint salon professionals for makeup and hairdo.


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