5th September is celebrated as Teacher’s Day every year.

Teachers play a very important role in our lives. They are just like our second parents who taught us various things about life. They are the people who are our inspiration and who help us a lot in discovering the hidden traits within us. A caring and loving teacher are hard to find and if you have one then it is the right time to thank them for this Teacher’s day.

Teacher’s day is considered as a very special day to honour the teacher for the guidance and support and to celebrate their hard work and dedication. It is basically the birthday of S Radhakrishnan who was himself a great teacher, Philosopher and thinker of his time.

Here is the list of gifts that you can present your teacher this Teacher’s Day:

1. Book

BookImage Source: startupremarkable

It is one of the best gifts that you can present your teacher. There is nothing that can replace it. Try to know about their book taste and then it would be easier for you to chose the correct one from the variety.

2. Chalk

ChalkImage Source: todayifoundout

This is an essential commodity in the class. Try to purchase the one which is dust free and break free and you can also opt for the coloured ones and cover it with a beautiful message.

3. Bouquet

BouquetImage Source: fabiovisentin

This is the most pleasant gift that you can present your teacher. Just go a florist shop and look up for the trend and collect some beautiful flowers and get them arranged. And if your teacher is a chocolate lover then, a bouquet made of chocolates is a great option.

4. Autograph frame

Autograph frameImage Source: blogspot

This is the best thing that you can present your teacher if you are meeting them after a long time. And a copy of class photo will bring the old good memories back. And you can also include the autographs of the messages of the people present in the photo.

5. School supplies

School suppliesImage Source: ethicalsociety

There is no end for the school supplies. You can present your teacher with a bunch of nicely decorated school supplies in a personalized or decorated way.

6. Bookmarks and Bulletin Board

Bookmarks and Bulletin BoardImage Source: district87

The teacher needs bulletin board for many things such as to display some interesting news or rules. And bookmark is also a great option that will help them to remember where they left. And you can even personalize it.

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