Being ambitious is a good thing. But when we talk about this in the context of women then everything seems to be changed suddenly in our society. Since childhood, we are taught to study hard, get admission into a good college and do something good for the future. But when women grow up, all these rules change automatically. And a whole new bunch of struggles comes on their way. Instead of working hard they are expected to get married and have kids and look after their families. On the other hand, men are encouraged to work harder and fulfil their dreams.

And being the part of this so-called modern generation, we can still find the traces of this sexist behaviour towards women who want to pursue their ambition. Thankfully, not all women adapt to this sick thinking of the society. Still, their life isn’t simple as we think. There are a bunch of struggles that they have to go through.

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But do you guys ever realized that this “US” who are making this discrimination and trying to lay back these ambitious ladies, who want to fulfil their dreams, by calling them selfish, making sexist statements on them and a lot of things that most of them stop pursuing their dreams? Yet, there are many who want to fight against these roadblocks and reach their dreams. Because dreams have no restrictions.

Here are the struggles faced by Indian women on the road to success:

1. Since her childhood she’s been told to study hard and when she lands up in a great job she is advised to get married.

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2. People often judge them for giving more priority to their job over anything else.

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3. Tagging them being too emotional or too aggressive.

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4. No late working for women. It is a rule for them to reach on time at home.

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5. One day you have to leave your job and look after your family. A statement that she gets to hear on loop.

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6. It is difficult for ambitious women to find a perfect partner.

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7. They are promoted because they are beautiful.

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8. She is excellent in her field of work, still she questioned about her knowledge because she is a woman.

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9. Her family finds it difficult to adjust to her work schedules.

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10. After being a mother she is always expected only to look after the child, not on anything else.

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