There’s something about the colour of copper that it attracts many buyers around the world. The copper jewellery can never go out of fashion. In ancient Egypt, copper was said to be the symbol of life. Egyptians used to believe in the magical powers of copper. They believed that people who wear it are gifted with the natural powers of nature.

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This tradition is being followed in the present time as well. You will see many people wearing copper bracelets for various ailments like joint pains. These health benefits of copper have been backed by sufficient scientific reports. Apart from our overall health, copper has some magical benefits for our skin as well. You won’t believe, but copper is an exceptional anti-ageing element for our skin. Many cosmetic companies are already thinking about incorporating this element in their anti-ageing serums. You must be wondering why. You’re not alone! Read on to know how copper can help you improve the texture of your skin.

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What is Copper?
The red and soft metal which is used as a conductor in all the conduction wires is known as copper. Copper is found as a pure metal in nature. Earlier, it was used in sterilising water and as a purifying agent. It was the cult favourite among the artists and jewellers owing to its highly malleable and ductile character.

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How Does Copper Help in Fighting Ageing?
There is a lot of debate how copper is beneficial as an anti-ageing product. The major symptoms of ageing skin are tightness under the eyes, around the mouth, jaw and throughout the neck. When our skin is ageing, the collagen and elastin fibres of our skin which are responsible for making our skin supple, start depleting. Skin loses its natural capacity of regeneration. This is when the copper element comes into the role. It helps vitalize the maturing skin.

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The peptide content in the copper helps our skin to restore its regenerative property. Peptides are short proteins which are important for proper functioning of our body. The peptides in copper help nourish your skin and improve the skin’s texture.

Copper Helps Hydrating Skin
As the age progresses, our skin loses the property to hold moisture. As a result, our skin feels dry and stretchy. Copper makes your skin appear plumper and moisturised. When applied topically, it hydrates your skin while tightening it. The levels of hyaluronic acids in our skin naturally decrease as we age. This is the reason why our skin begins losing lustre. This is the reason, why dark circles and blemishes are common during ageing.

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Copper as an Antioxidant
Copper surprisingly acts as an antioxidant for our skin. We already know that antioxidants are important for preventing our collagen from the destructive action of free radicals. Copper fights the environmental stressors which are responsible for skin’s ageing.

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So, what do you think? Thinking about investing in that copper urn for water? Do it real quick!

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