If you are new to the make-up club then I can say you are not much familiar with all the famous terms. Even if you do apply make-up always, there are certain latest things that you tend you miss out. Worry not dearies, today we will talk about few basic and famous terms that you might have heard many egoistic chic’s flaunting, but do not know yourself. From now on, don’t be termed as an ignorant.

Here are few famous terms you ought to know sweetheart…

  • Waterline – Related to Eyes!!

To be honest, I did not know about this! And this can be very confusing; this is basically the inner rim of the eye where many fashionista urge to apply liners to make it stand out well. So from now on you too follow the tip and let your eyes spell the magic!

  • What Does Matte Mean?

When I advise you to use a matte foundation, then what do you understand by that? This means something that has no shine. There is no glitter added to it and you can use one on the days when you want to keep the shine at bay. Matte products are good for office goers as well.

  • Shimmery – Opposite to Matte….!

What is shimmery? Obviously something that shines! Shimmery make-up reflects light and you must avoid it when you are going to get photographed. Or else you will look like a bulb spreading light to the room! Matte finish is good for the purpose!

  • Concealer has Many Advantages!

I am sure you know what concealer is! This is used to cover up dark circles and under eye bags, right? But were you aware of the fact that it can help you cover up blemishes and tattoos as well? No you were not! There is variety of concealer available in the market for the same purpose; you just need to find out!

Hope you enjoyed reading and it helped you enhance your make-up vocabulary. If there is any term that is in your mind then share it and I will discuss about that later. 🙂 Keep Smiling! 🙂

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