Famous chefs around the world are very crucial when it comes to cooking the food in the right way because a small mistake can ruin the taste of the entire dish. And overcooking and improper techniques of cooking can make your food toxic can affect your health badly. There are certain foods that can turn toxic while they are cooked and even make you fall sick. So, it becomes more important that you become aware of these foods. Here is the list of foods that can become toxic when cooked.

1. Potatoes

PotatoesImage Source: scrippsnetworks

It is said that cooked potatoes should not be left at room temperature as they become more prone to the bacterial formation. And it is also suggested that one should never reheat the potatoes as it might prove harmful for your body.

2. Mushrooms

MushroomsImage Source: kucica

One should consume mushroom as soon as it is prepared because the proteins present in it can lower soon after you cut them and which later becomes harmful to your stomach.

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3. Eggs

 EggsImage Source: netdna-ssl

Do you guys know that cooked eggs are the breeding ground of the microorganisms? Yes, you heard it right. Once you boil the eggs don’t keep it outside for a longer time as there are many bacteria that waiting to live on it.

4. Burnt toast

 Burnt toastImage Source: medium

It is said that eating partially burnt toast can have an adverse effect on your health. Once the bread is burnt a toxic named acrylamide is released that can later cause stomach issues and indigestion.

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5. Rice

RiceImage Source: chow

Never keep rice at the room temperature to cool it down because it is prone to bacteria formation which can later cause digestive problems. So, it is suggested that you should store it in a container which is airtight after cooking for later use.

6. Microwave popcorn

Microwave popcornImage Source: recipethis

Do you also have a habit of making popcorn in the microwave? Well, then you need to stop doing it as they contain perfluorooctanoic acid that proves harmful to your body. And it may even lead to cancer and other diseases.

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7. Chicken

ChickenImage Source: splendidtable

When chicken is refrigerated or becomes cold it loses its natural protein composition. And when it is reheated for the second time, it may even lead to digestive problems and other health issues.

8. Lobster

 LobsterImage Source: getmainelobster

Always boil lobster in hot water before cooking as it becomes the breeding ground of toxins and other kinds of bacteria. So, always cook it properly to avoid digestive problems.

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9. Nitrate vegetables

Nitrate vegetablesImage Source: william-reed

Vegetables with a high content of nitrates like spinach, celery, and beetroot can become toxic when they are exposed to heat. When they are reheated they release carcinogenic properties that can make your food harmful.

10. Cooking oil

 Cooking oilImage Source: magelan-agro

Never reheat the cooked oil over and over again as it can reduce the nutritional level of the oil can even cause digestive problems.

So, these were few foods that can become toxic when cooked.

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