Adding bangs is the fastest and easiest way to pep up your style from a plain Jane to a diva. Bangs are the hottest new trend to get a ravishing new look! From short wispy bangs to long side swept bangs, choppy bangs or simple basic bangs, there are plenty of ways to style your hair with bangs. Trendy hairstyles with bangs and layers can make you appear about three to four years younger, no wonder it’s incredibly popular among women of all ages.

Bangs or No Bangs! What’s your choice

Bangs are a perfect choice for women with long hair, who wish to jazz up their style without losing the length of your hair and for short hair; bangs will certainly give you that sexy chick look. Be creative, and identify the style that suits you the best. You may browse a few fashion magazines, online virtual makeovers or even seek help from your hair stylist.

Any imperfections on your facial features are best disguised with the help of good bangs. It can hide receding hair line or wide forehead, make your long face appear shorter or minimize your round face. If you are looking for a makeover, Bangs will definitely get you a fresh cute hairstyle with a modern touch.

But before you plunge in, you need to know some facts about bangs. Bangs are best suited for people with straight or marginally wavy hair. If you have curly hair, bangs are not just meant for you.  For girls like me, who usually don’t have time to style your hair each day, bangs don’t work well. Every morning you will have to face chaos as the bangs may turn poofy and yes, you need to trim them regularly.

Bangs or no bangs, I was in this dilemma too, and so I thought of consulting my hair stylist to know some tips on cutting the right kind of bangs for different types of hair. Have a look at a few tips:

  • Brow level blunt bangs that cover the forehead look great on people with a long face.
  • If you have a square face, opt for long side swept bangs that have layers along the jaw line.
  • Feathery bangs covering your cheeks look wonderful on round faced woman.

Adding bangs to a hairstyle can make a huge difference, but you need to handle it with care. Bangs turned out to be a complete disaster for one of my friend, and now she is complaining all the time but she has to wait till her hair grows back, that’s the pain in getting bangs. Bangs may take around four to five months to grow back for long to medium length hair.  But if you love to experiment with hair, and change your style often, go for it!

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